Eating Pizza Romana at Eataly in Italy

Why Eating in Italy is My Favorite Thing!

It’s official. Eating in Italy is my favorite thing. That’s no small statement because there are countless other things I love about living in Italy. Little things like drinking Italian wine, traveling, being relaxed, and living a slower pace of life. Oh, and affordable Italian healthcare! If you caught my last post you’ll understand that…

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Moving to Italy from USA

Moving to Italy from the USA? 7 Hardest Things

Wondering if moving to Italy from the USA is right for you? If you’re an American in search of a slower pace of life or la dolce vita, Italy might be on your radar. Moving to Italy is for sure an adventure. Unfortunately, it’s not for everyone. Moving to Italy from USA Despite traveling around…

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Snow on Ski Trails in Bardonecchia, Italy

88 Pictures of the Alps in All Four Seasons

Curious what the Alps look like all year round? See pictures of the Alps in all four seasons in our Italian Alps photo gallery from Bardonecchia, Italy. Pictures of the Alps May 8th Paolo and I will have lived in our home in the Italian Alps for two years! Hence, we’re celebrating with a look…

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pictures of Perugia, Italy Carousel on Corso Vannucci

21 Enchanting Pictures of Perugia Italy at Night

Curious about what it feels like to explore Italy at night? See pictures from our evening walks in Perugia, Italy. Plus, we’ve included a list of what to see in Perugia and the best reasons why we think it’s worth visiting. Perugia Italy Pictures Today’s Pictures of Italy gallery of Perugia shows why off-season travel in Italy…

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Sicilian Food Scampi

Sicilian Food Faves, 21 to Eat in Sicily or at Home

It’s not just the sea that separates Sicily from the mainland. Sicilian food is in a class by itself in Italy. Why? Because Sicilian food reflects the history of Sicily. Perhaps better than any other element of Sicilian culture. We’re sharing our 21 favorite Sicilian ingredients and dishes, along with the stories behind them. Plus,…

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Pesaro Beach After the Storm

Pesaro Beach Pictures, After the Storm

Just moments after an epic storm passed through the region, Paolo captured these colorful pictures from Pesaro Beach in Le Marche, Italy. Here is the quick story of that day, plus a sneak peek at an upcoming post about a hidden gem in Le Marche! What do I mean by hidden gem? The Vatican is…

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Pronounce Bruschetta

Bruschetta Pronunciation, 3 Tips to Say it Perfectly

Don’t let the “ch” fool you! Proper bruschetta pronunciation is bru·​sket·​tuh. If you’ve ever wondered how to say bruschetta, you’re not alone. Three aspects of the Italian language often confuse English speakers. Unfortunately, they are all crammed into the word bruschetta! Hence the quick video of an Italian and an American both pronouncing bruschetta.  I…

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Beaches in Italy Is Arutas Sardinia

Beaches in Italy Quiz, How Many Do You Know?

Welcome to ALOR Italy’s third Italy Quiz featuring 12 of our favorite beaches in Italy. This quiz is quick and breezy, taking less than five minutes. As usual, you’ll see some popular Italian destinations you probably know. However, the goal of this quiz was to also share some hidden gems you can plan a trip…

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Vernazza Beach Cinque Terre

Could the Cinque Terre Collapse?

Over Easter weekend, local authorities in Cinque Terre, Italy, once again sounded the alarm. Without legislation to restrict the flow of tourists, the Cinque Terre is at risk of collapse. This is not a new story for Italians. To illustrate, here are a few similar headlines from over the years. Every Easter, the Cinque Terre…

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