Cost of Living

How We Reduced Our Cost of Living by Moving to Jersey

After living 3 years in a 200 square foot apartment in Gramercy Park, I can say first hand shrinking your life brings immense happiness.

Sage House in Gramercy Park Apartment
Empire & Chrysler Building Views

Your thoughts shift from “I need that” to “where would I put that?” You suddenly have more money and fewer things but best yet, fewer need for things. For the first time in my adult life, in that happy, tiny home, I found myself not overspending. I began living debt free. Debt free is just that, freeing.

Gramercy Park View
Gramercy Park View
200 Square Feet of Comfort
Sage House in Gramercy Park Apartment
Sage House in Gramercy Park Apartment
Sage House in Gramercy Park Apartment

Even now, years later my Husband and I find we’re able to keep ourselves free by keeping our “needs” to just that, needs.

Although we both work from home, we both do work in the city. So we needed an apartment near Manhattan with a quick commute. Yet, with our desires to travel as much as we could, we needed more money and found it in our current budget by downsizing our biggest expense, rent.

We recently cut our cost of living by $20,000 in one year by moving from Manhattan to Jersey City. No brokers fee, $1,000 less a month in rent plus cheaper utilities and the savings add up quick.

Yet, everyone we tell, looks shocked. JERSEY we keep hearing? YES! Let me give you a 10 reasons beyond saving thousands, why now, 2 months post move it’s a resounding double exclamation point yes!!

  1. The commute to Eataly, one of my favorite things about Manhattan from our Upper West Side Apartment (UWSA), 40 minutes. The commute from Jersey City Apartment (JCA), 30 minutes.
  2. The commute to Marc Forgione, on my favorite places to eat ever, from our UWSA 40 minutes, from JCA 22 minutes.
  3. The following are literally outside our front door our dry cleaner and Sam a.m.
  4. Down the block Light Horse Tavern, White Star Bar, Amelia’s bistro, Bistro La Source
  5. 10 minute walk gets you a Beer Garden, Barcade, Thirty Acres, Razza, Taqueria Downtown, Orale Mexican Kitchen
  6. Statue of Liberty seems huge from here
  7. We walk 2 blocks and have a water side park with the best view of Manhattan
  8. Paulus Hook, we’re in a neighborhood that’s adorable and historic
  9. Taxes are cheaper, more money in our pockets
  10. We were inspired to join a sailing club because it’s close and we live by the water, why not!
  11. Ok it’s really 11 reasons, we now have a better quality of life in our apartment with a swimming pool, gym and amazing building staff, plus washer and dryer, Central AC, a Balcony and Dishwasher… so maybe it’s a LOT of reasons really.
  12. OH 12, my kitchen is a proper full kitchen, no more UWS Tim Burton kitchen where everything is broken, slanted, uneven and scary

There has been a lot of talk in the media lately about our generations decisions to live life smaller. I’m not saying Jersey City makes our life smaller, we love it here. But by all standards, we downsized our monthly obligations for living.

Last night I watched Tiny finally on Netflix, which I recommend highly. I’m not judging those who are pursuing different things and values in life, I just ask that other’s not judge me for opting out of living on the island or the equally expensive neighbor of Brooklyn.

What are your thoughts?

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