Cock’s Fresh in Belgium, So’s the Beer Eh?!

One of the ways I knew my Husband was the man for me, was how I felt completely at ease being myself with him instantly. He’s never rolled his eyes at my silly jokes and accepts that my sense of humor is that of a 12-year-old boy. One of the reasons we both love to travel, is the experience always leaves you with some amazing memories, be they funny, romantic, charming, scary (like driving on a road that disappears on the side of a mountain in Costa Rica), you never know until they happen.

From Belgium on, as sure as opening a bottle of Champagne, the giggles will rise up to tickle us, every time we turn to each other and say “the cock’s fresh in Belgium you know.” It took little more than a company name on the side of a truck for that memory and I know it’s going to travel with me forever. It’s not ridiculous to think so, afterall, the Cock’s Fresh company has been selling their meat to satisfied customers since 1935. Did I mention my sense of humor is that of a 12-year-old?

Thankfully, my more grown up side, my palate, was also entertained in Belgium by the beers. Did you know that in April of 2014, Belgium applied to UNESCO to have it’s beer culture officially globally recognized? Neither did I until a quick Googling brought this article up on NPR.

Well Cheers, or should I say A votre Santé to that! In Belgium, beer is serious and seriously good.

It’s somewhat ironic that while my sense of humor is that of a pre-teenage boy, until my later 30’s, I was never a big beer fan. A few years back though, while in Germany I discovered Hefeweizen. Since then, slowly I’ve started to come around. Belgium’s brews are keeping that trend of appreciation flowing. The Leffe Blond has been a go-to for me while I’m out Prosting it up at a beer hall. Lately at the local Zeppelin Hall, I’ve gravitated towards Ommegang’s pale citrus Hop.

While Ommegang is brewed closer to home in Copperstown NY, it is in the Belgian style. I’m starting to sense a theme in my beer tastes. Now, if you ask my Husband, he swears the first words I said to him were “I’ll have a Stella” so maybe my preferences go further back than I realized.

If you have the chance to visit Belgium DO!:

  • DO check out Zot Beers at De Halve Maan Brewery. If my beer confessions don’t convince you to trust me…
  • DO check out this YouTube Real Ale Craft Beer video from more respectable Beer O’Clockers.
  • DON’T but surprised while sitting in the famous Markt Square that your only red wine option is a horrid Merlot.
  • DON’T be disappointed if you don’t see Colin Farrell In Bruges while you’re there. If you’re out late enough, you’ll likely see some good looking locals mildly drunk, swigging more beer from a bottle while swervishly riding their bikes home.
  • DO check out that movie before you go, I promise you’ll get your own 12-year-old giggles when you see the tower the Elephants try to tackle.

OH and food – least I forget. I promise an upcoming post on a charming restaurant run by a Husband and Wife soon! For now I’ve got to go find a Stella on draft, my Husband’s still in Italy traveling and I’m missing him terribly.

What are your thoughts?

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