Lord All Murray’s Cheese is in Town!

Hold up, wait. You mean to tell me in the nearly 14 years I’ve been living away from Ohio a few things have changed? Among them, cheese has progressed beyond Gouda, Colby Jack and Sharp Cheddar?

I’d started to think of New York City as the Big Cheese rather than The Big Apple while I lived there. New Yorkers are serious about their cheeses and discuss their favorites by name, region, texture and smell. Anyone else remember that moment Humboldt Fog became a thing?

Thanks Cindy and Greg
Thanks Cindy and Greg

I still recall the party I was at while visiting former New Yorkers moved to Chicago when they served up that gem and I have long since been grateful. Thanks Cindy and Greg BTWs.

At the end of 2015, my favorite Cheese Shop on Bleecker, Murray’s Cheese, had decided to take “cheese to the masses” and partner with Kroger, I KNOW! Seriously, back in 2004 Murray’s built, wait for it… Cheese Caves in NYC, Cheese Caves! It was downright French of them. Ok, another flashback to walking over a window in the floor of La Formagerie Gay Shop in Annecy France and looking down into the Cheese Cave below the floor, sigh… French Cheese Shops, oh how you stinky so good.

La Fromagerie Gay Shop in Annecy France
La Fromagerie Gay Shop in Annecy France

Now, back at the local Kroger around the corner here in Ohio, I was pleasantly surprise to meet the sweetest Monger on the block, who raved about the training program she was sent to in New York. As we waxed poetic over our love for the city and it’s many cheese shops, my eyes fell to the La Tur and I nearly fainted. Well, actually what I did was jump up and down, clap my hands and shout “oh, you have La Tur!”

On Spotting La Tur!
On Spotting La Tur!

Cheese has a way of becoming part of memories. Even in our recent efforts to save money to live life on the road, my Husband and I will only save money on cheese by eating less of it. We won’t go for less expensive cheese, it’s just not worth it. If you want a cheese to delight you, you have to shell out the cash.

Enoiteca Al Prosecco Cheese and Charcuterie
Cheese and Charcuterie at Enoiteca Al Prosecco in Venice

La Tur is the perfect example. During our trip to Venice last year, we enjoyed possibly THE most decadently romantic cheese and charcuterie plate ever made for two at Al Prosecco. It was here that I tried La Tur for the first time. To me it was magical and by closing my eyes, I can remember the taste of the cheese, the chill in the air and the happiness in my heart that day in Venice.

Made in Piemonte Italy, the region my Husband hails from, La Tur is a blend of cow, sheep and goat milk that gives it it’s creamy, slightly tangy and very full flavor. Somehow it always gets perfectly melty when it hits room temperature and oozes perfectly around the edge. I promise you, this cheese is worth trying.

Immediately after that trip, when we returned to New York, I searched for that cheese, eventually finding it at, yep you guessed it, Murray’s on Bleecker, thus it being my favorite cheese shop.

Apparently La Tur is stocked here in town as there is one nice local gentleman who comes in and buys his wheel once a week. Make that two locals I said and promptly carted my wheel away.

Thank you Murray’s Cheese, you made my March.

What are your thoughts?

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