Cost of Living

Eliminating Junk Mail Can Help Save Money

Here are a few steps I took when Paolo and I knew we were hitting the road. We were fearful of credit card offers in the mail at past addresses. Plus, If you’re fighting debt, removing temptation will help you stay on the path. So stop trying to ignore the direct temptation and stop the temptation completely.

  1. Got Junk Email? Don’t just delete it from your inbox. Take one day a week for the next month and unsubscribe to every junk email you get. Stores count on their ability to reach you through email marketing. Right now, email marketers are preparing themselves for the “second coming.” They know reading email is the #1 thing we do with our smart phones. So they know they have access to you 24×7. Do yourself a favor and curb temptation to buy by getting your email off their list! Scroll to the bottom of the email and unsubscribe. According to the Federal Trade Commission  opt out or unsubscribe links are legally required in email marketing. Exercise your rights and stop the inbox abuse.
  2. Stop Snail Mail: Next step, stop the catalogs. It’s easier than you think. It might take 90 days to kick in but you can remove your name from mailing lists with Direct Marketing Choice.
  3. Credit Card Crunch: Your bank wants to give you more credit than you need, in the hope that you’ll use it! It’s within your power to get all banks to stop sending you offers. Again it might take another mailing cycle but this worked for us too OptOutProcess.

What are your thoughts?

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