A Home Office To Miss

As Bello and I prepare to hit the road this Sunday for Italy & Spain, my excitement is hard to contain. Our passports have missed us. With 90 days of travel ahead of us, we’re working our tails off, trying to get our business in order before we depart.

For my part, I’m wrapping up my posts this week. I’m taking it easy on myself these last few days in the kitchen. Thinking ahead, I’ll miss being close to my family and friends here in Ohio. It was here we set up camp for a few months before our life on the road began.

I’ll miss working from this very spot, my temporary home office that contains all the material items Bello and I kept with the exception of 20 boxes of kitchen items in storage.

Home Office with Paolo Ferraris Colors Art
Home Office with Paolo Ferraris Colors Art

It also contains the first piece of Bello’s Art I saw, the very piece that convinced me, our lives had to change so that we could focus on following our passions.

I Want to Lose Myself in You by Paolo Ferraris Colors
I Want to Lose Myself in You by Paolo Ferraris Colors

I believe in my Husbands talent, I see his dedication, focus and hard work. I know, one day all the sacrifices we are making to allow ourselves the freedom to chase our passions, will turn our dreams into reality.

We do have big dreams and we’re taking big risks to achieve them. We’re not sure where our journey will take us but one thing I know for sure, is how grateful I am to have supportive friends, family and fellow bloggers.

We hope you’ll join us on the next steps of this big adventure called life. We promise if nothing else, you’ll get a positive uplifting distraction from inspiring vistas and foodie finds.

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