Cost of Living

How We Afford 90 Days on the Road

Ever dream of quitting your job, selling all your stuff and hitting the road? That’s exactly what Bello and I did late last year. We believe if we follow our passions (for Bello it’s photography, for me writing) and work hard towards our dreams, they will become our reality. Starting May 1st, we are headed to Italy and Spain for 90 days.

How We Can Afford to Travel

We will be sharing our journey and inspirations from the road with the hope, we keep dreams alive… for all of us. How Can We Afford To Do This You Ask? 

Living Debt Free

When Bello and I moved in together, I asked him “Bello, how did you save so much money” his answer was so simple, so deadpan, I thought he was joking “I don’t spend it.” As we married, we agreed to live debt-free. If we could not afford it in cash, we would not buy it. I do not believe our lifestyle would be possible if we carried any debt at all.

Working For Ourselves

When we married, Bello a photographer in New York City, already worked for himself. Yet, I worked for large media brands that required extensive hours and provided scant vacation time. It was clear, if we wanted a life that allowed for travel outside of family visits, we would need two things. 1. To work for ourselves and 2. Work we could do from anywhere in the world. So I took a big leap of faith in my Husband and myself and started consulting in 2013.

After I left the corporate world, we experienced a year of countless outbursts of genuine happiness full of travel and time with family. For us, there was no turning back. This was a life we wanted, no matter how hard we have to fight for it. Thus began the next phase.

Create a Plan to Save

Our plan shifted and morphed, but one thing that never waned was saving every penny we made outside of living expenses for two years. First, by moving from Manhattan’s Upper West Side, to Jersey City we reduced our living expenses by approximately $2,000 a month. Next, we cut back on everything from beauty products (Ladies, I was a VIB Rouge at Sephora, enough said) to Met Memberships. We ate and drank at home… stopped shopping (ouch!) and invested safely with the money we saved.

Eliminate Things That Hold Your Back

During our saving period, I also began UnJunking our lives. With any spare time, I was selling off and donating clothing, household items, books, you name it. Bello committed to going 100% paperless and began scanning all receipts and important papers.

December 2015, we sold/donated nearly everything we owned… even our plates, and hit the road. We have no lease, no mortgage and no debt to hold us back. We are now the two happiest nomads you’ve ever met. Since that time, we’ve raised eyebrows, made heads shake and questions pour out. 

We work extremely hard, nearly 10 hours a day, including Saturday and Sunday. Here’s the thing though, it’s for our own projects and passions, work we love and are now free to focus on. We’re investing in our future, building our own IP, creating a product and a service, and doing it with sweat equity not capital.

Together, Bello (Artist/Photographer) and Piccola (Writer/Executive Producer/Content Marketing Consultant) both trained in the demanding New York Market, we are a highly skilled content creation powerhouse. Fueled by Art, Food, Travel and Positivity. We’re starting over from scratch, leveraging our experience and refocusing on our passion.

What we dream of is simple

  • Work we enjoy, so that we never wish to retire.
  • A life built on freedom, so that we can work anywhere in the world.

What we are willing to and have given up

  • Common place habits, a sense of place, comforts of community.
  • The security and comfort of owning a home, a car, material items.
  • Socially acknowledged symbols of success, personal space and privacy.

We saved, sacrificed and scaled down for two full years to be able to take this chance, to live this adventure together. We have nothing more than what we truly need, each other, our love, our tenacity, our hard earned experience and our capabilities.

With each day that passed the sacrifices we planned for, seem smaller and the rewards larger.

We will continue to work toward growing our businesses, it’s not all vino at noon! Well not everyday yet anyway.

Our Journey Begins
Our Journey Begins


  1. Brandy you are wonderful. I just read about your coming adventures and how you decluttered your entire existence. Bravo. I have long thought that we should all be able to fit all we need into one backpack and never be pinned down with owning so much. You actually did it. You and Bello are amazing and I will follow you with excitement. I wish you both joy and safety in your travels. Who needs theatre popcorn and butter when you can have fruit and vino under the Tuscan Sun.


    1. Anita, that is so beautifully said. Before I met Bello I dreamed through movies. Finding my path, our path has me living a dream instead. I have been floored today by the support and well wishes. My proverbial backpack runnith over with love. Thank you Anita, for taking a minute to share such beautiful words. They mean so much.


  2. You guys are amazing! I look forward to living vicariously through you, you blogs and your photos! Safe travels and God speed!


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