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11 Ways Sarongs Save Money

Lightweight, multitasking, modesty maker. A Sarong is a key to paradise. Literally. Show up with bare legs or shoulders in Southeast Asia and there is no getting in that temple. Sarongs are also budget savers because a good sarong can act as 11 items in one. Covering shoulders to shores here are 11 reasons the humble Sarong, is a packing list must.

11 Ways to Use a Sarong

  1. Luggage Tamer: Packing cubes are helpful, but that trusty Sarong wrapped snug does the same thing, only better… and cheaper. Drape Sarong over luggage, lay in clothing, wrap tightly and voila, a packing system tailor-made for your luggage.
  2. Shorting Embarrassment: We American’s love shorts, but while touring Southeast Asia, your bare knees can’t go knocking on Temple doors. That Sarong will help you cover up the fact you saved your Frommer’s guide for in-flight reading.
  3. Saved From Ruin: Cooking on the go is one of the best ways to save money while traveling. AirBNBs rarely have Aprons but with a Sarong, you do!
  4. Table the Issue: Beachside tables and picnic benches can be downright unappetizing. Sarongs cover Mother Nature’s grittier side in a snap.
  5. Picnic Sans Basket/Blanket: Crossing Big Sur and want lunch with a view? You could battle for parking, fight the crowds, wait an hour and pick up a big tab at Nepenthe. Or, snag a cliff side spot to unfold your Sarong swaddled snacks and commence dolphin watching and cheese tasting for two.
  6. Summer Shawl: Romantic picnic turns into an evening stroll and the cool breeze starts to blow. You’re already prepared, you planned that out right! Sarongs are large enough to cover your shoulders and arms where cute silk scarf falls short.
  7. Scary Bed Cover: You finally make the new hotel, you’re exhausted, it’s late. Too late to book another room… you open the door and oh… wow, not good… ok, I can do this. It happens. Removing the 70’s bedspread might make you feel a little better, but having a layer between you and the last guy is going to make you feel a lot better.
  8. Trusty Towel: And when you’re stuck at said hotel, the next morning a funky towel is staring you down post-shower, skip the drip, Sarongs dry quick.
  9. Undercover: Let’s say you didn’t realize just how small European rental car trunks would be, you know for argument’s sake. If you’re stuck leaving bags in back seats between stops, shield your rookie travel mistake with the toss of a Sarong… that just happens to need to dry out. Better than nothing!
  10. Not Feelin’ the Burn: Still freckling like a teenager at 40 and forgot the SPF? Apply Sarong directly to Forehead, as in headscarf.
  11. Beach coverup: Tried and true, there is nothing better to help you brave baring your bikini then a Sarong. Besides, who wants to be thinking “will my fat roll show if I sit?” when the beauty of the perfect sunset begs you to sit and stay a while.

Dear Sarong,

You’ve been my travel sidekick for 20 years now. You’ve helped me keep it together when I travel, warmed my shoulders, saved my skin and covered my butt. I could never travel without you.

Thank you.

Your Caretaker, Piccola.

Sarong, A Traveling Girls Best Friend
Sarong, A Traveling Girls Best Friend

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