Blog-N-Go vs. Enjoying the Ride

A question for Travel Bloggers: Can you Blog-on-the-Go? Do you risk loosing connection to the emotions of your experience if you don’t? Worse yet, do you risk being fully present if you do?

I asked myself these questions when Bello and I started on our 3 month journey that 67 days in, has proven to be nothing short of epic.

We stared with a 16 day loop of Southern Italy. First Rome then across Italy to Vieste and down through Puglia. We swung into Lecce for a night then stayed in Leuca on the shore.

UNESCO Site Matera
UNESCO Site Matera

Venturing back in time through Basilicata with a stop in Matera and an Agriturismo lunch that I’m still full from today.

Bello pulled out his 007 skills along the coasts of Amalfi and Maratea and ensured we didn’t miss Pompeii.

We stopped in Peschici, Otranto, Ruvo Di Puglia, Ravello hitting every UNESCO site along the way.

With a brief rest with family in Torino we worked in a side trip to Switzerland and then continued our frantic, travel hungry pace into Spain.

Lake Geneva Switzerland
Lake Geneva Switzerland

Starting in the North in Rioja country we again drove a loop but this time counterclockwise along the shore, into Portugal and back out again to Southern Spain catching up with good friends and fellow nomads Ayaz and Val in Màlaga.

NYC Nomad Reunion!
NYC Nomad Reunion!

I joked this was Spanish Geography 101. Truth is, road trips help you to truly comprehend and remember the location of the cities where maps, well… fall flat. In the end, our Spanish loop was the equivalent of a cross-country trip plus half the way back in the US. Equally, if not more epic than our Italian leg.

Piccola & Bello on the Go
Piccola & Bello on the Go

The pace of our trip has been anything but leisure, staying at most three nights in one location but more commonly one. So how then, could I possibly see and experience all of this, while finding time to write thoughtful, informative posts, that are worth sharing? When the average American Family is trying to figure out how to put dinner on the table, who can really stand to read too much about another person’s good fortune to travel the world?

Dinner in Peschici
Dinner in Peschici

Never mind the fact that Bello and I sacrificed everything, our possessions, our home, to be able to do this, I figure a blog worth reading shares tips to make a trip worth the investment, ways to save money, when to ignore expensive tourist traps in guide books and what you can really afford to skip.

In the end, for me, the answer was, I couldn’t write substantial, beneficial material worth reading on the go. Checking my facts and researching additional information takes more time than a cup of coffee each morning. So, I used social media to stay in touch with family and friends and to aid my memory as a timeline.

I’d be very curious to hear how other Travel Bloggers keep up! At least now that we are in one place for three weeks, there is about to be some serious writing going on.

The Beginning: How We Afford 90 Days on the Road

What are your thoughts?

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