Italy Trip

How to Save Money on Hotels in Rome

Outside of airfare, lodging is the largest chunk of the travel budget. For many, the secret to traveling more is finding a good deal. Snagging three nights in Hotel Apogia Lloyd in Rome for $133, enabled Paolo and to extend our vacation by two more days.

Finding an Affordable Hotel in Rome Two Tips

One of the tricks to traveling cheap in big cities is staying just outside the beaten path. What you’re looking for is an old neighborhood inhabited by a young commuter population. In Rome, check into the Salario neighborhood. It’s safe, transit friendly and full of youthful shops, restaurants, and bars. Here’s a look at a morning stroll in Rome ending in Salario to give you an idea.

Video morning stroll in Salario

Save Travel Points For Expensive Cities

Our second trick is stockpiling points, be it through credit card perks or travel booking services. Hands down, saving your loyalty points for the big cities is one of the best ways to keep travel to dream locations more realistic.

It might seem like cheating to tout this price but it’s really the price we paid and combining the two tips above is how we did it. We opened our search parameters on location and used points we had accumulated through a travel booking service.

Yeah, but for $133 what did you get, one might ask? Just what we needed. Was it perfect, no. There was a recent water leak waving at us from the ceiling and a few shelves had clearly been moved leaving spots that cried out for repair.

Yet, the old school vibe and the huge step-down bathtub in the bathroom were awesome! The room had no toiletries but that’s not unusual with inexpensive hotels in Italy. What was unusual, was the delightful smile we were given at my mumbled request for soap at the front desk “avete una saponetta?” Si!

The staff were friendly, our room was clean and well appointed, our bed was comfortable and we had a great view of a courtyard out our window. Truly the best cure for Jet Lag is a nap facing an open window on a rainy day in Rome.

Video: Rainy Nap in Rome

We felt pretty lucky to have snagged our find and had such a budget-savvy way to see one the greatest cities in the world.

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