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How to Save Hundreds On Your Travel Food Budget

Travel Groceries might seem like a bit of an oxymoron. I mean, you’re on vacation, isn’t part of the deal that you don’t have to work?! Groceries = food, food = cooking, cooking = work, no?!

Well, no, not exactly, at least not for us. For Paolo and I, we travel often enough, we can’t afford to eat every meal out. Not physically and definitely not financially. So we get scrappy and try our best to stay lean.

Saving On Meals While Traveling

In Rome, we played by our rules almost entirely. We did “splurge” by having a pastry at a local bakery for breakfast. It was however pretty inexpensive and left room in the budget for epic lunches.

After those lunches, though, dinner needed to be small. So our grocery budget in Rome represents fruit, vegetables, and wine. The photo below is dinner for us. I know, how ridiculous and yet… how romantic! We’re happy with a view, each other’s company and a good bottle of red.

"Dinner" in Rome
“Dinner” in Rome – at night, forgive the lighting!

To make things cheaper, the Tarallini came from our flight. Bello didn’t open his on board so… I snagged the bag for later. What can I say, I am my Mother’s Daughter!

In Viesta, we picked up some amazing Caciocavallo, bread, tomatoes, olive oil and wine. Really, this meal could not be beaten and that olive oil lasted the rest of our 16-day trip through Southern Italy.

Lunch in Vieste
Lunch in Vieste

Later in our trip, when we stayed just outside Leuca and had a full kitchen. Here our Grocery budget was more extensive as we ate nearly all of our meals at the hotel.

Groceries in Leuca
Groceries in Leuca

Can you blame us, though? We got to end our night with this…

Dinner in Leuca
Dinner in Leuca – hay, no judging the two bottles, please!

and start our days with this.

Breakfast in Leuca
Breakfast in Leuca

Just think of how much money a couple can spend eating every meal out while traveling? Breakfast, lunch, dinner, happy hours… $150 goes pretty quick when you add beer or wine to your tab. That’s an awful lot of grocery money spent in one day if you ask me!

What are your thoughts?

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