Hall of Mosses a Rainforest… in America!

Have you ever visited one of those places so powerful in it’s nature your mind stops spinning for once? You stop texting, checking email, taking photos. You just walk, breathe and find yourself in the moment.

The Hall of Mosses is one such place. I have never seen anything like it before. The best part, the rainforest of which I speak, is in America.

I KNOW! There is a rainforest in the US? Yep. Hoh Rainforest in the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. I have to admit, I had no idea America had a legitimate rainforest before our trip. I will forever be grateful for our visit though, because it brought the nature loving kid in me out again.

The Hall of Mosses begs your inner child to come out and walk hand in hand with you. Elegant creatures of the forest, both real and imaginary seem to be all around.

Creatures of Hoh Rainforest
Roosevelt Elk of Hoh Rainforest

What do I mean with all this inner child and imaginary creature talk? Just check out a few photos and you’ll see.

Trees Grow Taller
Trees Grow Taller

As soon as you arrive at the Hall of Mosses, tall trees seem to whisper “explore.”

On passing through the first few trees, a magical world opens up. A small river, trickles under a series of creaky bridges. The water moving so slow, it’s as clear as glass over plants swimming below.

Creatures Swim Underfoot
Green Swims Underfoot

Making your way up and deeper into the forest, you hit a point where the moss now grows everywhere. It’s all around you and it’s all shades of green. It glistens and drips as if to draw a touch.

Moss Takes Over Slowly
Moss Takes Over Slowly

Here you can’t help but touch everything! Turns out, it’s weightless, the moss, growing at an imperceptible pace. Yet the trees all around, seem to bend to its will.

Windy Path of Hall of Mosses
Windy Path of Hall of Mosses

The further along the trail you get, the taller the trees and the farther the moss hangs down.

Creatures of the Moss
Moss Bending Limbs to its will

Deep in the Hall of Mosses, trees take on the appearance of creatures frozen in time. All you hear is the sounds of drip, drip, drip from rain being caught by the moss and slowly released.

Creatures Rise from the Moss
Creatures Rise from the Moss

Towards the end of the Hall of Mosses, the path takes you out to the Hoh River. Educational sign posts indicate where the river once flowed and it’s yards behind you.

The drastic the shifts over time, again let’s you know, you’re walking through an area that’s very much alive. Even if you’re the only humans around.

Hoh River from the Hall of Mosses
Hoh River from the Hall of Mosses

Hoh Rainforest itself is a World Heritage Site and the Hall of Mosses is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. So you can’t go wrong taking your kids!

Designations aside, when Bello and I visited in November it was cool, damp and rainy. There are not many people around during rainy season and it’s a shame. It’s truly the best time to see a rainforest. The spectacle of green that awaits you is pure magic.

Hoh Rainforest and the Hall of Mosses are free. There is a $10 State Park Admission required for the Olympic National Park. We never could find anyone around that time of year to give our money to though!

What are your thoughts?

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