Brandy Shearer

Crap! Love Your Spouse Facebook Challenge

Fear. Dread. That’s what Facebook challenges make me feel. See one of those floating around your circle and you’re going to get tagged. It’s just a matter of time.

Friday, I got tagged. Shit. That was my first though. It’s not that I don’t love the gal that tagged me. One of my childhood best friends and I have absolutely loved reconnecting with her on Facebook.

It’s not that I don’t want to post personal stuff about my Husband. I’m a blogger, I write endlessly about my life. My love for my Husband can be seen in, well like 100% of my posts. Truthfully, I’m probably already obnoxious about my love for Bello. It’s like digital PDA all over the place on ALOR!

So why the “MAN!” reaction if I don’t mind posting and talking about Love?

  1. I hate obligating other people. I’ve wrote about this when nominated for Liebster & Sunshine awards both here on ALOR and on my Foodie blog where I discussed how Lone Wolves Are Never Popular.
  2. I loath following rules.
  3. Love Your Spouse Challenge excludes many of the people I admire and love.

With all those points, why in heavens would I agree to take on this challenge? I’m going to leverage the wide spread attention of the friggin’ thing, to shed light on all the types of Love I think it leaves out. Mixed race couples, gay couples, best friends, single ladies, unmarried couples.

My plan. Tell stories this week about people that inspire me and not ask any of them to do anything in return.

So take that Facebook Challenge!

Join me on Facebook and Twitter @ALORGypsyTip if you’re in the market for a little loving inspiration.

What are your thoughts?

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