Great Portland Spots for Beer

Before visiting Portland, my definition of Beer was Bud and I hated it. After visiting Portland, I love it.

Each of these spots pulls a mean pint and boasts enough options to convert any naysayer. They also just so happen to be lady-friendly, classy and provide some form of entertainment.

Best Portland Spots for Beer

  1. Laurelwood Brewery: A family friendly spot with four locations including the airport it’s one of the most reliable, easy and laid back picks. Laurelwood is also home to Workhorse IPA, one of Bello’s favorite hoppy picks.
  2. Rogue Ales: Location, Location, BEER! While Rogue Ales is not a posh spot inside, it’s definitely the best situated. Here, you’re among the young, hip and hot-headed for a pint after work in the Pearl District. An outdoor seat comes with plenty of people watching, including a wobbly bunch of bikers from BrewCycle.
  3. Portland Brewing Taproom: If you’re new to Portland, trust me, you’re not lost. While the drive here is a bit uninspiring and industrial, the Brewery itself is anything but. Once inside, you’ll quickly see what I mean. Two huge copper brewing vessels imported from Bavaria say “you found us!” On a sunny day, settle outside to take in views of Portland’s skyward reaching greenery behind the Brewery.
  4. EaT Oyster Bar: This one’s not a given when it comes to the best spots in Portland for a brew. So here’s the point behind the pick. You’re smack in the middle of the Williams District Brunch scene. Tasty n Sons,  Lardo and Ned Ludd are steps away. Which means, EaT can be your pre-brunch haven. With live jazz and two brews at about $7, you’ve just set the mood for the best beer brunch ever.
  5. Bridgeport Brewery: Portland’s oldest Brewery and still it’s the best bet for award-winning beer. You’ll get major points for this one. Plus, if you really want to educate your date, the pour-board breaks down beer in an easy to understand way. Personally, I felt a little smarter and a lot tipsier on our visit. I can now speak beer! OGs, IBUs and ABV all make sense from one stop.

Now go forth and bring us some new beer lovers would you? American craft brewing is getting pretty exciting these days. More fans, means more beer for everyone!


What are your thoughts?

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