Where Foodies Eat in Portland

Budget travelers with a taste for the good life, Bello and I sacrifice on comfort, not food. The second we know our next destination, I start researching where to eat, sometimes months in advance.

Where to Eat in Portland

After 10 years in New York’s dining scene, Portland impressed the crisp pork fat right out of me. I wondered on our trip, why was I so surprised by how good Portland’s food scene is? With some thought, I realized the answer is simple, Portland is quickly gaining a reputation for Beer which exports a lot easier than a burger.

The Beer facts are staggering. Oregon Breweries crafted 1.7 Million barrels of beer in 2015. 1 Million of which were distributed over 50 states in America.

Chances are good, the average American of legal drinking age (you know, assuming) has heard of, seen or tried an Oregon Brew. Unless you’ve visited, though, a taste for Portland’s best bites, has alluded you.

If my last post on Top Portland Spots to Turn a Lady On, to Beer hasn’t convinced you to visit, perhaps this Foodie’s list of favorite spots to eat in Portland will!

  • Blue Star Donuts: Donuts are my favorite dessert. Over pies, over cookies and if they are lemon, even over chocolate cake. Blue Star Donuts doesn’t just have a lemon donut, they have a Lemon Poppy Buttermilk Donut. Talk about love at first bite.
  • Lardo: My new favorite place to get the best lunch in Portland!Food is half the reason these Nomads landed in Portland for two months. Craft Beer is the second. Lardo, has them both. In spades. Try the Pork Meatball Banh Mi with pickled vegetables, Sriracha mayo, cilantro, and cucumber.
  • Olympia Provisions: We had planned to get snacks to go at Olympia Provisions. Yet, the minute Bello saw the place, we were staying. A charcuterie board and two kinds of cheese later, we felt like we had hit the meat lottery. Obvious dedication to perfecting the art of cured meats makes Olympia Provisions a champion in my book.
  • Tasty n Sons: The House Made Reuben was my pick, the burger my Husbands. We were both overcome with OMG that’s good first bites. Sure it could have been the influence of the young, hip, hot Portlanders around us. I’m pretty sure it was the perfect balance of fat, salt and oh yes CHEESE that made for the best brunch in Portland.
  • Bamboo Sushi: The first certified, sustainable sushi restaurant in the world Bamboo tops my Sushi Lovers list. That’s in front of Morimoto, I swear I do love you Iron Chef Morimoto! Bamboo just gets it so, so right. Its fresh, its fish you haven’t tried a million times and it’s purely perfect sushi.
  • Little Bird: A female-friendly ambiance had me swoon “Hello Lover” the minute we entered. The Crab Roll with herbs, jalapeños, pickled celery aioli and perfect shoestring potatoes that make Little Bird an affair to remember.
  • Pok Pok: I admit, as NYers we went late, thinking we could get a table without reservations, which they don’t take anyway. No such luck. Nada table within an hour and a half wait. Hot Pok Pok? Yes, it is. Can I blame jet lag for our carry out order? Don’t tell please! The signature game hen and sticky rice were worth the hassle and next time, will be worth the wait.
  • Nuvrei Bakery for Breakfast. Paris will forever be in my pastry-loving heart. Yet I have to admit, I totally cheated and fell in love at first sight with Nuvrei. You want to move to Portland just to start your days here. A croissant the best I’ve had this side of the Atlantic melted layer by layer in my mouth and I knew, we simply had to move.


Beer Facts From: Foodie opinions… mine all mine, earned one bite at a time, Burp!

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