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Facebook Love Your Spouse Challenge, Day 2

I’m taking the Facebook Love Your Spouse Challenge except… I’m playing by  my own rules. For once, my focus is not on Bello and I but on the people who inspire us.

Val & Ayaz
Val & Ayaz in Miami Florida, in what seems like just yesterday.

No one, and I do mean no one, that knows Ayaz and Val, will be the least bit surprised to see them on my list. In fact, I’m guessing they just had their own “crap” moment.

Ayaz and Val, I ask only that you let us celebrate you. Do nothing more than keep being, inspiring you.

Val, Ayaz, Bello and I share many friends. So if you want to chime in on the celebration, please do!

Ayaz and Val’s story is one that’s best told in their own words, and is on StateOftheAyaz and PassengerConners. They are both, more skilled writers than I. So I spent a few days thinking “what can I bring to their story that isn’t eloquently stated already?”

Here’s what. Ayaz and Val have the unique inspirational power to make you believe in yourself.

Bello and I have moments, where we say “Are we crazy for trying this? Living nomadically, chasing our dreams, believing we can do what everyone is telling us we can’t? This is hard!”

Then, we look to Ayaz and Val and remember we can. Nomadic lifestyle takes work and only the tenacious succeed.

On catching up with Ayaz and Val in Spain, we had that rarest of rare conversations. The kind, you are instantly comfortable, energized, engaged and happy in. Through their own stories, Ayaz and Val remind us part of the value in what we are all doing, is educating ourselves about the world.

NYC Nomad Reunion in Malaga
NYC Nomad Reunion in Malaga

Ayaz and Val have been seeing the world for a few years now. Bello and I are right behind them, seeing all the diversity and wonder life has to offer. More importantly, learning to appreciate that diversity and see the beauty and value in all humanity.

Ayaz, without you, I would have never made it through my years in New York. I needed family and you took me under your wing. Like no one else I know, you can ninja skill it to the core of an issue, clearing confusion. In New York, you were the friend I needed in times of heartbreak and stitches. Now, you are the friend that reminds me to keep at it.

Val, your energy is infectious. We all need more of it around. You remind me, it’s ok to admit that sometimes this is hard and sometimes this is freakin’ brilliant. You give me comfort in claiming both sides of my reality. The highs, the lows, the anxiety and the perfect calm. How on earth could I even dream of a comedy skit in the Catskills without you.

I asked Bello, what he loved most about Ayaz and Val. “They are open minded people of the world. Ayaz and Val lack arrogance and see the good in places and people. It makes them true, educated conversationalists.”

Bello is far better with getting to the point then I. So with that I will just say. We love you guys.

Who on earth, other than you Ayaz and Val, could remind Bello and I in seconds, we’re lot alone, we’re just nomads.

Since New York is where we all met and the last “official home” we all had together, Paolo and I dedicate “Slice Aficionados” to you.

Slice Aficionados by Paolo Ferraris Colors
Slice Aficionados by Paolo Ferraris Colors

Please join Paolo Ferraris Colors on September 5th at the Upper Arlington Arts Festival  (‪#‎UALDAF‬) where his prints created with the support and inspiration of our loved ones will be available.

Supporters outside Ohio can see Paolo Ferraris Colors full collection online.

Interior Designer & Art Consultants can contact this Emerging Artist at or 917-444-2999.

Yours in Color,

Paolo (aka Bello) & Brandy (aka Piccola)

Val, Ayaz, Myself & Bello
Val, Ayaz, Myself & Bello in Miami, what seems like yesterday.

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