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Budget Travel Tips Three Days in Rome

When I was a kid, my Mom used to say, “Honey, you’ve got Champagne tastes on a beer budget.” Nowadays, whenever my Husband Bello and I travel, I think of that phrase. Especially in cities like Rome.

While it’s not impossible to visit cities like Rome on a limited budget, it does require sacrifices. When it comes to traveling with a partner, it helps if your definition of sacrifices match. I’m convinced part of the reason Bello and I fell in love is how well our travel styles matched.

Visiting Rome on a Budget | Three Days

First class tickets and a plush hotel are the first things to go. Public transit works just fine and saves a bundle. We skip high admission fees for mass tourist sights in favor of the best local cuisine.

If this type of travel sound right up your alley, perhaps you might enjoy hearing about our trip to Rome! Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing our itinerary and all dollars spent.

If you’re curious what kind of budget we’re talking about, you can skip straight to the point. Check out our three day budget below.

Total Budget: Under $600 (Minus Flight)

One thing that won’t be included is flight costs. When spending 90 days in Europe, the flight is hard to attribute to any one portion of the trip. Plus, flight prices range so heavily by departure location, airline, class and connections that it won’t help much anyway.

Day 1, Starts tomorrow. So get some rest, you’re about to read about a lot of walking!

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