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Facebook Love Your Spouse Challenge: Day 3

One year, out of desperation to find her Husband the perfect gift, Linda asked “What would you like, do you need anything, a sweater?” Steve just said “but Linda, I have a sweater.” This is classic Steve. Truly happy with what he has in life and that includes his better half, Linda.

I’m rolling into the third day of a rather unconventional Love Your Spouse Facebook Challenge:

Meet Steve & Linda.

A couple who after 48 years of marriage remain deeply in love. Steve and Linda, you don’t have to do a thing in response, just let us celebrate you!

Steve and Linda are inspirational because they personify the power of choice. The power of choosing to stay positive, stay in the game and fight.

Steve & Linda
Steve & Linda

I got lucky, I grew up with a Mom brigade. A group of my Mom’s friends that includes Linda. As I moved out of the house and started dating, Linda would drop pearls of wisdom about how she and Steve stayed so happy together.

My Mom & Linda
My Mom & Linda

One I’ll never forget is how she decided to stop being frustrated. Linda told me this story.

For years, when I would come home from work with a story like, “Steve I got a raise!” Steve would say “that’s great Linda.” I’d tell him more, waiting for him to offer to take me to dinner. Eventually he’d ask “What’s for dinner?” It used to make me so mad! Shouldn’t he know I want to celebrate by my story? Then, one time, I just decided, I didn’t want to be mad. So instead, I came home from work and said “Steve, I had a great day and I want you to take me out to celebrate.” Steve said “sounds great!” Out they went. Turns out, “Steve’s not a mind reader. If I tell him what I want, what I need, he wants to give it to me.”

Whether she meant to or not, Linda explained the power we all have to choose happiness in our relationships. If you decide you want to be happy, it’s just a question of how you get to it.

Linda told me, “Marriage like happiness is always a choice. Even after you get married, it’s a choice you have to keep making.” She went on to explain after their son Benj left the house, she and Steve had to sit down and say “ok, now what?”

Linda and Steve were active in their decision to start a new phase of their life together. It was their choice, and they have always worked to be happy together.

On her Facebook page, Linda’s favorite quotes are “Happiness is a choice!” and “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% your reaction to it!”

Linda lives the life she promotes. Years ago, she took on stage three Breast Cancer and won. Part of a cancer treatment trial, Linda was the only one to walk away. Sadly that includes her Doctor, also diagnosed with Cancer in the middle of the study who passed.

Linda survived because she believed she would and fought hard to. Linda stayed positive. Instead of asking “why me?” she told my Mom, of all the people in her family, she was the best suited to fight.

Time and again, I’ve seen evidence of Steve and Linda staying positive. Over the last holiday, Steve told a story of a young boy he mentored, robbing him. At the time, I sat and marveled that Steve could so calmly recount the story.

That’s the thing though, Steve is deciding not to be mad when he looks back. It happened, it wasn’t fun, but I don’t think given a choice, Steve would go back and change having helped the kid. The locks maybe, but nothing else.

Linda and Steve are both fighters. Linda’s aggressive cancer treatment left it’s own issues. Steve’s hearing leaves many voices silent and he is keeping diabetes at bay with drastic dietary changes. Yet every, single time I see them, they are both full of smiles.

They find moments each day that they love. In retirement, coffee in the morning is a leisurely ritual that takes hours and they love it. They’ll watch a movie in the middle of the afternoon, go for a drive, play cards, invite friends over and one night every week, host a big family dinner.

Linda has joked, “I might even run the AC and open a window to get a breeze if I want to. I’ve earned it.”

To Steve and Linda our chosen family, Paolo and I dedicate “Lipstick” in honor of your colorful stories and rosy outlook on life.

Lipstick by Paolo Ferraris Colors
Lipstick by Paolo Ferraris Colors

Please join Paolo Ferraris Colors on September 5th at the Upper Arlington Arts Festival  (‪#‎UALDAF‬) where his prints created with the support and inspiration of our loved ones, will be available.

  • Supporters outside Ohio can see Paolo Ferraris Colors full collection online.
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Yours in Color,

Paolo (aka Bello) & Brandy (aka Piccola)

Steve, Bello, Myself and Linda
Steve, Bello, Myself and Linda

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