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Love Your Spouse Facebook Challenge: Day 4

There is this scene from Grosse Pointe Blank that has always stuck with me. Where Debi tells Martin he needs a “Shockabuku.” “A swift, spiritual kick to the head that alters your reality forever.”

Travel is my Shockabuku. That moment where awareness hits me. My inspiration to continue to look at life with fresh eyes and knowledge. So what does this have to do with a Facebook Challenge?

As part of the Love Your Spouse Facebook Challenge, I’m flipping the script. Instead of posting photos of Bello and I for seven days, I’m sharing stories of inspiration from couples in our life. These couples are under no obligation to complete the challenge. We just ask to celebrate them.

Meet Pier Luigi & Elena

Wedding Proofs 359

On returning from an international trip, Pier Luigi and Elena’s son Paolo greeted them by stating “their world travels would no longer commence without him.” Paolo was 11 at the time.

After that, Pier Luigi and Elena would take Paolo around the world. India, Namibia, Argentina, America and all throughout Europe, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

And so began a young mans love for travel and in time, my great fortune as a wife.

Each year, travel is gifted to Paolo and I from Pier Luigi and Elena. There is no real way for me to properly express the profound impact their love and generosity brings to our lives. Least of all, because my Italian still stinks.

So for this post I will use pictures. Pictures that show the happiness, inspiring youthful enthusiasm and giving spirits of Pier Luigi and Elena.

As a couple, Pier Luigi and Elena loved travel. They knew it was a gift that would fill their son with knowledge and renewable curiosity.

I’m not sure they could have predicted the outcome of a passion for photography as part of their influence. Yet it is undoubtably the reason for Bello’s life choices, his muse and our true north as a couple.

To Pier Luigi and Elena, we dedicate “Opportunities.”

Opportunities by Paolo Ferraris Colors
Opportunities by Paolo Ferraris Colors

Please join Paolo Ferraris Colors on September 5th at the Upper Arlington Arts Festival  (‪#‎UALDAF‬) where his prints created with the support and inspiration of our loved ones, will be available.

  • Supporters outside Ohio can see Paolo Ferraris Colors full collection online.
  • Interior Designer & Art Consultants can contact this Emerging Artist at or 917-444-2999.

Yours in Color,

Paolo (aka Bello) & Brandy (aka Piccola)

Pier Luigi, Elena, Myself & Bello in NYC
Pier Luigi, Elena, Myself & Bello in NYC


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