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Love Your Spouse Facebook Challenge: Day 5

You know that one person in life who makes you laugh so hard, doubled over in tears, you make no sound? Then you catch your breath and have the best laugh of your life.

For me, that person is my Sister Amber. Her unguarded playful spirit inspires openness, happiness and trust. Amber’s husband Brian works hard to provide a safe, happy home. Together they are raising, Brianna and Shawn my hope for a bright future.

The Love Your Spouse Facebook Challenge has inspired me to tell stories, not of my Husband and I but of the people around us.

Meet Brian & Amber

Brian & Amber
Brian & Amber

The great fortune for all of us, is that this couple is raising children. Two of the most adorable, complex, curious, daring, smart and loving kids, I’ve ever met.

Brianna & Shawn Photographed by Paolo Ferraris
Brianna & Shawn Photographed by Paolo Ferraris

Brianna, is confident in her thoughts and her creative ideas. She’s curious and has a mind for science, plays the piano and soccer. At 10, she already insists on cooking the family dinner.


Shawn, is both sweet, snuggly and a true boys, boy. Interested in all things that help him climb higher, catch more fish and go faster! As a child, he would sit in his highchair and demand “meat, meat, meat.”


Oh sure, I MIGHT be biased. We are Uncle Paolo and Auntie Brandy after all. Here’s the thing though, if you believe, like I do, that children are our future, then the future is looking mighty bright.


Kids don’t get this way, not in my opinion, without parents who give them wings, teach them how to use them and then stand back and watch them fly. I see Amber put every single ounce of energy and love she has, into her kids. I see Brian, constantly working to provide security in the families future.


Brianna and Shawn are given every opportunity to be the absolute most brilliant version of human beings they can.

To me, that, is truly inspiring.

To Amber & Brian, we dedicate “Athena” from Paolo Ferraris Colors.

Athena by Paolo Ferraris Colors
Athena by Paolo Ferraris Colors

Please join Paolo Ferraris Colors on September 5th at the Upper Arlington Arts Festival  (‪#‎UALDAF‬) where his prints created with the support and inspiration of our loved ones, will be available.

Supporters outside Ohio can see Paolo Ferraris Colors full collection online.

Interior Designer & Art Consultants can contact this Emerging Artist at or 917-444-2999.

Yours in Color,

Paolo (aka Bello) & Brandy (aka Piccola)

Brian, Bello, Myself and Amber
Brian, Bello, Myself and Amber

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