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Our First Press! Thank You Columbus Stories. Enter to Win!

We are so very proud to be featured by Columbus Families and be a part of their Columbus Stories project.

Emerging Artists, young business and established family businesses alike all need the support of family and friends in their community. Columbus Families is brining countless families together, sharing their stories, impacting lives and inspiring others to continue to dream.

Elizabeth and Georgia are full of positive energy and respect for those around them. They build a community to be proud of and highlight the best of Columbus, Ohio.

It’s no wonder Columbus is one of the Top 5 Cities for new college graduates.

There is a lot happening here and Columbus Stories just keep bubbling it up!

We’ve reblogged the Columbus Stories piece on Paolo and I below. Check them out on Facebook as well where you can enter to win one of Paolo’s Prints.

A humble thank you to Elizabeth and Georgia for their support and making the time to meet with us, along with all the other wonderful Columbus Families you highlight. We’re all lucky to friend you.

Love Brandy & Paolo

Paolo Ferraris & Brandy Shearer
Paolo Ferraris & Brandy Shearer

Brandy and Paolo’s story reads a bit like a fairytale.  An Ohio girl moves to New York City where she meets and falls in love with the handsome Italian Photographer.  Only their romance is as real as the daily challenges that come with running their own businesses.


Paolo is a Photographer and the Artist behind Paolo Ferraris Colors. After 10 years as an Executive Producer/Writer in New York City, Brandy started her own Consultancy business Shearer Strategy. It’s in the last seven months, that their story gets really interesting. Selling everything they owned, Paolo and Brandy left New York to set up a home base in Columbus, Ohio and Torino Italy.
Why, one might ask?

“Working for ourselves allows us to work anywhere in the world. It’s unconventional, but for us, there is great balance between working hard and having the freedom to travel. Travel is our mutual…

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