Italian Food

Orecchiette Throwdown In Vieste Italy

“Make sure to go to the second restaurant down the street. Don’t be fooled by the first!” Wise words from our host in Vieste, Italy. Turns out there is a well know snag tourists hit when trying to find Osteria Al Duomo.

Two restaurants sit side by side on romantic Via Alessandro III. The ever present ocean breeze makes it distractingly easy to get lost. It doesn’t help that similar tables line this stair stepped medieval street.

Why does it matter? I mean, Vieste is home to amazing seafood and Orecchiette, so it’s hard to go wrong here.

Thing is, if you’re not paying attention to the names over the doors, you’ll miss out on this! Hands down the best cavatelli recipe I’ve ever tasted.

Cavatelli with Pulpo and Chickpeas
Cavatelli with Pulpo and Chickpeas

It’s true, Puglia, is home to Orecchiette. Ear shape pasta perfect for scooping up the bountiful harvest of the region. I went with every intention of ordering it but then… the Cavatelli swayed me at the last minute.

What Osteria al Duomo does that’s unique and worth all the fuss, is serve up house-made pasta with a few other seasonal, regional ingredients. Pulpo and fresh Chickpeas. I’m a sucker for inventive twists on classics and this one made my stay in Vieste.

A deceptively light and completely satisfying dish. Each bite, left me saying, “ok that’s my last bite.” Hmmmm, “no really, my last bite.” On and on this went until I scarpetta’d up the last of the sauce and had to apologize to Bello for not sharing more.

Thankfully, all of the food is top notch here. So I don’t think in the end my Husband minded not swapping plates. He was pretty wrapped up in his own two course Seafood selections.

Fresh Carpaccio with Mushrooms and Rocket
Fresh Carpaccio with Mushrooms and Rocket
Grilled Pulpo

Even the affordably priced bottle of  Giancarlo Ceci Panascio was handled table-side with expert care.

Giancarlo Ceci Panascio
Giancarlo Ceci Panascio

If you enjoy twists on the classics while in Italy, then give Osteria al Duomo your full attention and find it! What you’re looking for is this.

Door of Osteria al Duomo
Door of Osteria al Duomo

What you’ll find, is the best meal in Vieste. That and an incredibly cool dining experience admits traditional medieval architecture and next to white glove service.

Plus, I am betting, the second you step inside and see this…

A Proper Welcome
A Proper Welcome

you too might feel this is exactly where you should be.

What are your thoughts?

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