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Introverts Travel Cheaper

This is a totally unscientific experiment. Close your eyes and think of the beach. I know ridiculous, reading means eyes open. Still, I’m guessing somewhere between the first and second line, an image of a beach came to mind. It’s involuntary. Beach! See!

When you think of a beach, what do you see? Beautiful bodies soaking in the sun? A campfire surrounded by friends and cold beers? Or, perhaps… an empty beach with no one else around but you and the love of your life? I fall into the later and I’m an Introvert. You?

My Husband, also an Introvert and I do everything we can to ensure when we travel, that beach is empty. Since we’re not exactly able to afford a private beach, we look to off-season deals. Over time, we have stretched our dollars nearly four times farther.

Take Nantucket in summer and the Jared Coffin House for example. Say  June 26th – 28th for a long summer weekend, the hotel bill would come out to $1,395, pretty steep. The exact same place October 23rd – 25th is $485. Much better. The best part, the beaches are in fact, empty.

Another secret gem, early May, is Jersey Shore’s off-season. With a Groupon deal, we managed to snag a beach view room at Port Royal Hotel May 3rd – 8th. A grand total of $510. Try booking a room there in Summer for 5 nights and you’re talking closer to $1,133!

If you crave warmth with your beaches try the British Virgin Islands. Here many places list high and low season rates right on their site. We snagged Saba Rock for three solid nights in the off-season and had the tiny island perched North of Virgin Gorda all to ourselves.We might not be able to afford that private beach, but with off-season travel, we often get it anyway! That’s how being an Introvert, pays off for these budget-savvy travelers.

More Travel Saving Gypsy Tips: How to Save Hundreds on Travel Meals, 28 iPhone Data Saving Settings, Cheap Tricks to Stay in Touch  On the GoEmpty beaches of Nantucket have served as Muse to many of Paolo Ferraris Colors works like “Breathless.”

Breathless by Paolo Ferraris Colors
Breathless by Paolo Ferraris Colors

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