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Million Dollar Views in Vieste, Italy

When looking for a new apartment, New Yorkers know, it’s a formula of sacrifice. We triangulate around priorities of size, location and rent. You rarely if ever get all three in one apartment.

A decade of living in New York City, prepared me well, for Nomadic budget traveling. Much like finding an apartment in New York City, getting a big room with an epic view, in the city, is next to impossible on a budget. Unlike New York though, location is much easier to sacrifice on the road. Staying just a click outside city centers not only saves you money, it also gives you better views.

Where to Stay in Vieste, Italy

Jackpot! That’s what I thought the second we walked onto our balcony at Residence MareSol. Big, check. Clean modern room, check, check. A view, check, check, check! Located just 2 km (1.2 miles) outside Vieste, the elevation from the surrounding private park enables every room to come with a view… and it’s own kitchen! I know, what!! It’s a very Italian thing and I love it.

Perhaps the best part of Maresol, you know aside from the view, newly renovated rooms and having a kitchen! Was our host Giovanna, her kind Husband, staff and their sweet pup.

"Front Desk Staff" of MareSol
“Front Desk Staff” of MareSol

From the second we arrived at our accommodation in Vieste Italy, we were treated with genuine warmth and hospitality. We instantly had a drink and all the local information a visitor would need.

Giovanna told us all about the mythical Legend of Pizzomunno and helped us orient ourselves in town, suggesting where to park for free to pick up groceries. She pointed us to the best meal in Vieste at Osteria al Duomo and even set us up with a boat ride that lives deep in my fondest memories of Vieste.

Pizzomunno Beach, The Home of the Legend
Pizzomunno Beach, The Home of the Legend

See more Pizzomunno pictures and learn about the Mythical Legend of  Pizzomunno Beach.

Orecchiette from Osteria al Duomo
Cavatelli from Osteria al Duomo

Each morning, Giovanna greets her visitors and serves up breakfast with homemade olive oil and tomatoes direct from her land. Sure there are luxury hotels in Vieste Italy. But I wouldn’t trade this hospitality for higher thread count.

Our stay was the perfect balance of exploring nature and relaxing on our balcony. We felt like we had the best view in all of Vieste Italy.

Come on what’s better than a simple meal of Caciocavallo, tomatoes, olive oil and fresh bread with a panorama like this! At spots like Maresol, it’s not only possible, it’s highly enjoyable. Plus, having the kitchen means saving a bundle on travel meals. My kinda place!

Snacks on the Balcony in Maresol
Snacks on the Balcony in Maresol


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