Secret Sunset in Colombia

We felt like we were getting away with something. It was thrilling and romantic. Just what we needed for our first wedding anniversary. Chilled bottle and wine glasses in hand, we climbed the metal stairs to the roof. Soft winds making their way across the ocean, blew the days heat and humidity away as we popped the cork. Sunset was about to start and the view was all ours.

Private Sunset View
Private Sunset View

Lucky for us, we were in no danger of being kicked out, we were allowed up there, on the roof at Hotel Anandá. I discovered the spot on a fit of curiosity, wondering… where do these stairs go? Industrial steps belie the fact, the scene is set for the brave and adventurous.

Hotel Anandà Secret Rooftop Spot
Hotel Anandà Secret Rooftop Spot

From the level below, the pool deck beckons, come, sit relax, stay a while. We saw plenty of guests, get caught in the lap of luxury, lingering by the pool and I can’t really blame them.

Pool Deck Below
Pool Deck Below

We caught their glances, their quizzical looks at the metal stairs to the roof. Ducking our heads, saying to each other “Please don’t come up, please don’t come up. We want this view all to ourselves! It’s our Anniversary trip.”

Five nights in a row, we scrambled up at the tail end of the day. We held court, sweating it out a bit until the night cooled. Each morning at breakfast, I would turn and ask “Bello, what time is the sunset tonight?” He’d check his watch and we would plan our day around the sunset time.

Holding Court in Cartagena
Holding Court in Cartagena

Through the evenings, a few people popped their head up the stairs, one or two ventured up, to see the view. Thankfully, they never stayed. The best seats, were already taken.

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