Destination Eating Fast Food? Only in Colombia!

I’m not ashamed to admit it, I’m a destination eater. If I hear about a great Foodie Capital of the world, no city is too far. When JetBlue opened up direct flights from New York to Cartagena Colombia it was “flight on Dude!”

Sorry about the Wayne’s World reference. Totally not critical to the story. Sometimes though, when I’m all happy and excited, like when I write about food and travel, my inner movie lover starts a quoting. What can I say, Swing!

Ok, back to Cartagena, where this story began. Like Canadians Wayne and Garth, Bello and I are from countries that are… not nearly as hot as Colombia. Typically while traveling, we make lunch our biggest meal of the day to save money but in Colombia, we just couldn’t. Our appetites seemed to be on siesta during the full heat of the day.

Thankfully, Cartagena is a Foodie city with a bevy of light lunch spots. Our favorite? So glad you asked! First, El Barón Cartagena where I got to feed my inner Foodie Hipster. The second is Pris Pri a very budget friendly, tasty option.

The kind of spot where tourists like us, sat side by side with locals at lunch. Always a great sign. If America has Fast Food this good, I just might eat lunch out a little more often. Or, well maybe I just need to spent more time in Colombia!

Pris Pri Cartagena Colombia
Pris Pri Cartagena Colombia

Pris Pri is essentially a coffee shop with great lunch bites and unlike El Baròn has a more traditional Colombian menu. Here you’ll find many favored Colombian Foods. Like pan de bono or pandebono an insanely delicious Colombian bread made with cheese! Bello couldn’t leave without two for himself. True story.

Plate of Yum
Plate of Yum

For me, it was the empanadas which were made fresh daily and a cool, freshly blended fruit bebidas to wash everything down with.

Veggie Empanada and pan de bono
Veggie Empanada and pan de bono
Fresh Juice
Looks Like Beer But it’s Fresh Juice! I swear!!!

Each trip in, we were met with friendly staff, full of smiles. These people genuinely enjoyed working at Pris Pri. I couldn’t keep a grin off my face listening to the music playing for employees who were dancing and singing in the kitchen. It made me want to come back and we did.

Fresh Juice to Order
See – Fresh Juice to Order

Plus, bright cheerful design and downright frigid air conditioning were a welcome addition a traditional Cartagena Colombia Food menu! Which speaking of, is one of the best lunch deals inside the walls of Cartagena historic city center. Here’s a shot of the Pris Pri menu for prices.

Menu at Pris Pri
Menu at Pris Pri

If you’re looking for tasty, quick, uncomplicated lunch options in Cartagena, Pris Pri is your place. It’s a great cheap option, you beat the heat and walk out satisfied.

These were the folks that inspired me to stop waiting for the day I could afford a juicer and blend. Pris Pri also had Bello asking “do you have an empanada recipe?” oh boy!

Colombia Taught Me How to Skip the Fancy Juicer!
Colombia Taught Me How to Skip the Fancy Juicer!

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