Love Locks in Peschihi, Italy

Europe has many sites where lovers lock away a memory. Walking through the uneven, sloped streets in Peschichi, I had no knowledge of the Locks of Love up ahead. I had my love but no lock that day.

Sucker to the Love Lock
Sucker to the Love Lock

A Siren song of soft colors flows across the Adriatic Sea. Lulling, relaxing, the beauty of Puglia’s shores began to pull at my heart strings as Sting’s “Fragile” looped through my mind.

I heard his lyrics,

If blood will flow when flesh and steel are one
Drying in the color of the evening sun
Tomorrow’s rain will wash the stains away
But something in our minds will always stay

Then the refrain

How fragile we are.  How fragile we are.  How fragile we are.

And the Colors Go On
And the Colors Go On

Shifting my gaze from the sea, the love lock details came into clarity. Here, two lovers stood before us, honoring their commitment to love one and other, forever.

Love Locks in Peschichi Italy
Love Locks in Peschichi Italy

In that very second my eyes welled with tears, my heart clenched in my chest. I know that feeling, I’m in love. How fragile we are.

On hard metal, two lovers etched, scratched, painted their names, a red heart. A fragile promise, a hope to return. To this very place, this feeling.

A precipice, an endless infinity stands before the lovers who mark their memory with a click in Peschichi. No salty sea air, no wind, no rust nor matter of time changes, that at the very second that lock clicks into place, there was love.

To Infinity
To Infinity

That day, I had no lock in my pocket, no way to leave a physical symbol. Yet still, the feeling of being loved and in love while traveling through Puglia remains locked in my heart. Each time from that day forward, I hear Sting’s “Fragile” I will remember. The lyrics to Stings song make it one of my favorite love song to him, my Bello.

Perhaps it was standing at this very spot in Peschichi, being caught off guard with emotion that made the dinner that followed my favorite dining experience of my life.

What are your thoughts?

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