Green Card Interview Questions

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I was an introvert, facing personal questions, with right and wrong answers. The right answers, keep the love of my life by my side. The wrong answers, well we just didn’t know. This was the single most important thing, I have ever done in my life and I started, by messing up.

Back in 2013 my husband and I were sitting in an immigration office in New York City waiting for a Green Card interview. We were fully prepared but both shaking in our boots.

A lawyer had helped us with our Green Card paperwork and immigration interview preparation. We had done endless research on Green Card interview tips. Looked at question lists for marriage interviews which I’ve included for you here below. We went through it all for months despite having taken every step along the way legally. We had no reason to worry, we were ready, but the day of the interview my social anxiety got the better of me.

Having been told, “they will start with a question directed to Paolo as he is applying for citizenship” brought me calm. I went into the green card interview that morning thinking I’d have a second to calm my nerves, try to control my hives. No suck luck.

The first question was directed at me. “So when did you two meet?” Easy one right?

I blanked. I had never been so nervous in my entire life. You could have asked me my name and I would have doubted my answer.

“June 10th, 2010” I finally said. I was off by a year.

Paolo tensed, I felt it. He knows I can’t remember our anniversary year. Normally he thinks it’s cute, at that moment not so much.

We had been warned, “NEVER answer questions for each other. It looks bad.”

I saw the immigration officer’s brow twitch and I correct myself. “2011. We met in 2011, sorry, I’m nervous.” I went on to over-explain how and where we met, how I made the first move. How grateful I felt when Bello returned my advances because I thought he was out of my league.

Thankfully, the next question went to Paolo, who thinks more linearly than I do. From there, things went smoothly.

We handed over way more than the Immigration Officer wanted. A few pictures? We had dozens. Pictures with both of our sets of parents together for the holidays, our wedding where everyone was all smiles. Full of love and support for us.

A real couple, formed through love, we have nothing to hide.

We passed the interview. It’s kind of hard to be in the same room with us and not know we are in love. Even when nervous beyond reason.

That day, we didn’t know it. That we had passed. We just felt things went well. The Immigration Officer was smiling, almost laughing a bit at my nerves.

We think he knew, we would never, ever be separated.

Green Card Interview Questions

The questions listed below are the types of questions we were prepared by our lawyer to be able to answer. We were told there was no topic that was too private or off-bounds for an immigration officer to ask. Thankfully our experience was professional and respectful. Hopefully, yours will be too! Here are the questions we were provided to prepare for. Do your research, and if at all possible consult a lawyer. Here is a video that is very similar to the prep we were given in person by our immigration lawyer.

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