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Let the Path to Dual Citizenship Begin!

Funny, how easy finger print ink wipes off. Apparently, it’s a bear to get out of clothes but with the right cleaner, wipes right off skin.

I laughed out loud while standing in the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. I just had my fingerprints taken and I was thinking about how smart the ink makers were. Really?! That’s what I’m thinking!

It’s surprisingly friendly, the Sheriff’s Office, just in case you’re wondering. Then again, I’m not a criminal. I’ve lived a very clean, boring, vanilla, midwest kid life. No drugs, no run-ins with the Cops, not even a speeding ticket. Which, as it turns out, is a VERY good thing.

This week, I’ve had four background checks confirming, every state I lived in, I kept my nose clean. Even at the FBI level, I’m clean. See, BORING!

The finger print ink joins a growing list of observations, I never imagined, I would ever have. Before falling in love and marrying Bello, the idea that I, an American, would one day need dual citizenship seemed almost silly.

If you ever doubt America is a great country, think about that fact for just a minute. As an American, outside of Trump and moving to Canada jokes, have you ever truly considered dual citizenship? Me either, until I married an only child with parents in Italy.

Just today, I called four offices, all with different answers to how to get my Ohio BCI (Background Criminal Investigation) check, Apostilled. Before this process, I had no idea what an Apostille even was!

What Is An Apostille?

An Apostille is a certificate issued by a designated authority in a country where the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement for Legalization of Foreign Public Documents, Apostille Convention, is in force.

Clear as mud right? Welcome to my life right now.

My days include things like, finding a Notary (no biggie) guessing between two types of notary processes (slight biggie) then get back to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and hoping I picked right (biggie).

Thankfully I did! As of today, my background checks are DONE! Do I sound excited? I am!

I’m facing big questions. There is no one here to help me, except Paolo. The only answers are the ones we find by trying, doing and hopefully, not failing.

Nothing prepares you for what happens in life, when you remain open to all possibilities and pick the path less traveled. Your fate, is up to you. Bravery, tenacity, sacrifice and willingness to work for what you want all go hand in hand with freedom, success and happiness.

This is something that makes me exceedingly proud of Paolo and I. There is no script for the type of life we are living. We’re figuring it out together, as a couple, every step of the way.

Ti Amo Amore Mio, we’ll get there!

To the Victors
To the Victors

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