Ready, Set, Sell! If All Goes Well…

The first time you do anything new, it’s hard to know if you’re doing it right. How do you know if you have thought of everything? When do you know you’re ready? We have nothing to compare it to, no measure. Everything is new, everything is a spot on the horizon.

The Finale by Paolo Ferraris Colors
The Finale by Paolo Ferraris Colors

Bello and I have spent countless hours in the last months preparing for his first “official” Art Show. Bello’s work the Paolo Ferraris Colors collection was juried into the 50th Upper Arlington Labor Day Art Festival in Ohio. The big day is tomorrow.

I am an Executive Producer by trade, so we did a dry run yesterday. Bello might have thought I was nuts. Yet half way through, when we ran into questions, he understood the method to my madness.

Words Are Silence by Paolo Ferraris Colors
Words Are Silence by Paolo Ferraris Colors

It’s one thing to THINK you can fit three photos side by side in a space. It’s an entirely different thing to set them in place and realize your brain frankly sucks at spacial guessing.

We set up a mock booth, to get a feel for our space. I sketched and measured placements. We, Agreed, disagreed, agreed to disagree. In the end we were both happy. We thought, we were good to go.

Almost immediately arriving on site today, we hit our first snag. We knew the “Emerging Artists” would be sharing a large booth, a tent split in four. Two walls open to the public, two walls shared.

Our assumption, there would be cross bars running through the middle of the tent we could hang chains down from. Our assumption was of course wrong. All the planning and prep washed away because we had no control over or the specs for the tent.

Thankfully, Bello and I are not the type to freak out. Our original plan might not work but we had thought ahead. In an initial meeting, we were offered “frames with chicken wire.”

The idea made us cringe, but we asked for two. Worst case, if we don’t need them, we could ask to have them taken away the day off. Hindsight, thank goodness we asked for them.

We zip tied those babies in place, hung out chains from the outside frame and called it a day. It was time for an Aperitif!

Laguna Aperitif by Paolo Ferrais
Laguna Aperitif by Paolo Ferrais

Tomorrow morning, we rise at 5:30 am and hop in a pre-loaded, borrowed van to find out our fate. Did we in fact prepare well? Did we guess right on inventory. We shall see what we catch!

The Fisherman by Paolo Ferraris Colors
The Fisherman by Paolo Ferraris Colors

For now, what I do know is that I am a lucky, lucky woman. I married a man with the heart and soul of an Artist and the mind of an Entrepreneur. It’s a very proud day in our household. We held onto our dreams and are fighting for what we want to do in life.

To my Husband I say, never give up! May we experience many, many more firsts together in our life.

Join us as we hit the road this week for a Cross Country Road Trip. Ohio to Portland, we’ll be sharing our favorite spots, shots and stories, along the way.  

The Art of Living On the Road (ALOR) 

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