What Sweeps Up at an Arts Festival?

Standing outside on Labor Day selling artwork at an Arts Festival, is not for the faint of heart, literally. We had a kind elderly man passing out in our booth from the heat. Thank goodness we had a chair and shade.

I found myself, making an emergency phone call while running after Patty on her golf cart. Our friend who volunteers at the festival, to get help. Wouldn’t have seen that coming before it was happening.

Aside from the unforgettable drama of the day, when Bello and I reflect back, we see success. Not for the reasons one would expect.

The obvious. Yes, Bello sold Art.

Among the pieces of Art selling at the Arts Festival were a few of my personal favorites.

“I Want to Lose Myself In You”

I Want to Lose Myself In You by Paolo Ferraris Colors
I Want to Lose Myself In You by Paolo Ferraris Colors

The largest piece we had at the festival at 36″x54″ drew a lot people into the tent. We got feedback like “the colors are so calm and peaceful” and “It makes you think about vacation.” Plus our favorite “Is that a painting or a picture?”

We love this comment because it encapsulates both of Paolo Ferraris Colors main themes. Color and Painterly Photographs, the blurring of lines between photography and painting. The lexicon Bello uses to describe his work.

Getting feedback that reflects intention as an Artist is gratifying and an indicator he’s on the right path. Reason enough to call the Arts Festival successful.

Yet there was more.

“Crimson Lawn”

Crimson Lawn by Paolo Ferraris Colors
Crimson Lawn by Paolo Ferraris Colors

I love that this one sold. It’s the first of Bello’s images to allow me to understood his vision. When I first set eyes on it, Bello told me this story.

In his youth, he started to lose his vision. At one point frighteningly, rapidly. The velocity scared he and his parents.

Thankfully, the degeneration stopped before Bello lost his vision. Now, with heavy glasses, he sees the world clearly. Yet he holds a love for the world the way he sees it naturally.

Bello sees shapes, colors and forms less defined, softer and blurred. He sees beauty and freedom here. Freedom to make his own mind up about what he sees. Bello’s art is a reflection on how he sees the world. Through it, he’s able to share the beauty he finds.

Knowing that someone else, saw the beauty in “Crimson Lawn” was an unexpected delight. Although, one must not underestimate the fact that it’s scarlet and grey… and we were in Columbus, Ohio. Home of the Buckeyes! It would certainly add sophistication to Go Bucks Decor.

Ah art, how I love the many levels.

Speaking of love, “Mating Gondolas” and a few other pieces from the Venice Collection, were among the top-selling show favorites.

Mating Gondolas Paolo Ferraris Colors
Mating Gondolas Paolo Ferraris Colors

Who would have guessed the crowd at Upper Arlington Arts Festival were dreamers who loved Italy as much as we do!

The most unexpected reason the Arts Festival was a success for Paolo Ferraris Colors, was the people who came out to show us support.

Waking up this morning, knees still aching from standing all day yesterday, we were full of gratitude.

Yesterday was hot, a holiday. Yet, people I haven’t seen in nearly 20 years made a point to give us some of their time. Family and friends came out, made their way over a field with walkers, in wheelchairs to say hi. They stayed, fighting the Summer heat to make sure we knew, they came for us.

No small feat but a big gestures we felt deep. Kids had grown up, jobs had changed but the kindness and goodness of the midwest stayed exactly as I remembered.

We’re risking a lot right now to follow our dreams as a couple. An Artist and a Writer. Where our road leads we have no security but at least we know, we are not nomads alone. We have friends who support us both near and far.

Being an Artist is at times embarrassing, intimidating and at all times a huge risk worth taking.  [Support the Arts: Click to Tweet]

Thank you friends and family. Grazie,

Piccola & Bello

Art Festival Selfie!
Art Festival Selfie!

Oh and just in case you were wondering what art sells best at an Arts Festival. It’s brooms. Artisanal brooms. “The Broom Guy” an Amish family business selling handmade brooms was a huge hit. They sold more inventory than Costo. Who knew!

What are your thoughts?

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