Beauty & Irony of Life on the Road

I’m a firm believer when you’re on the right path, life begins to flow. Less resistance blocks your daily activities and things fall into place more naturally. Personally, all of the difficulties, struggles and mistakes made in my past suddenly make sense. Hindsight, life’s greatest teacher.

Of course the beautiful irony being, this path too, can change. A current direction may lead to a hard lesson. Knowledge needed for the next step. Knowledge you can only gain through experience.

Drops of knowledge adding up to an ocean of personal understanding.  [Support the Arts: Click to Tweet]

Global Warming by Paolo Ferraris Colors
Global Warming by Paolo Ferraris Colors

Right now, Bello and I believe we are on the right path. Things just seem to be falling into place. Small wins. Big decisions we make together with ease.

Rather fortuitously, while planning our American cross country trip, we discovered Instagram’s new Instazoom feature. Earth shattering? No. Not exactly. You can now zoom in on photos… but for Artist on Instagram, it’s a big deal. Here’s why.

“Americana” was actually Paolo Ferraris Colors first series. When we began building out the business we focused on where Bello currently was in his artistic process, rather than at his beginning.

If we had started with Americana on Instagram then, it would have sucked for our followers.

Embedded in each image are words that reflect Bello’s observations of irony and beauty in America. Without being able to zoom, the words would tease and frustrate not incite thought.

Bello’s in a unique position. An immigrant working to get his citizenship in a country he now calls home. An insider and an outsider, all at once. He has perspective and he has love in his eyes for our country.

I just want to be happy by Paolo Ferraris Colors
I just want to be happy by Paolo Ferraris Colors

Now, one could point out Instazoom and our cross-country trip starting tomorrow are hardly related. Instazoom didn’t exactly launch yesterday.

Yet, we didn’t catch on, until it was our time to. For us, it presents an opportunity to tie our past with our present.

As Bello, Nanty and I strike out across America tomorrow, we will be rolling out “Americana” on Instagram. It will be juxtaposed with images from our journey across the country that started it all. Paolo Ferraris Colors, our love, our marriage and Art of Living on the Road.

Life by Paolo Ferraris Colors
Life by Paolo Ferraris Colors

We’re headed West. Our own personal manifest destiny. If our path is true, the beauty will trump the irony. Please, I beg, let there be not a Shakespearean truth to sharing our story along the way.

Our Story: How ALOR BeganOur Path to Dual Citizenship

Join us On the Road

  • Twitter Where we will share travel facts we learn along the way.
  • Instagram Zoom in on Americana and the best shots from our cross-country trip.

Yours in Color,

Piccola & Bello

Look out West Coast Here we Come!
Look out West Coast Here we Come!

What are your thoughts?

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