Best Sandwiches in Portland, Oregon

What is Lardo? Well, that’s a fun question! Let’s see…

Lardo: Pork fat back cured with salt, spices, and herbs. Charcuterie plate hero Homer Simpson would trade bacon in for. Politically incorrect 90’s slang used by bullies to refer to “weight challenged” peers. Also, my new favorite sandwich spot in Portland.

Where to Eat in Portland

After our Cross-Country Road Trip, Bello and I were worn out and hungry. Which meant I was researching with my iPhone instead of cooking our first lunch in Portland. We’re talking 3,591 miles since our last really good meal. It was time to eat!

Road Trip! 3,591 Miles to Tasty
Road Trip! 3,591 Miles to Tasty

I already had a few Foodie Faves in town but that list needs to grow! Food is half the reason these Nomads landed in Portland for two months. Craft Beer is the second. Lardo, has them both. In spades.

Menu & Taps at Lardo
Menu & Taps at Lardo

Best Lunch in Portland

At any given meal, Bello and I try each other’s food. One of the perks of being married right? We typically end up in playful banter, boasting about ordering best. This time, there was no clear winner, despite what Bello claims.

I kept “tasting” his Italian Tuna Melt with provolone, olive tapenade and shaved fennel…

Italian Tuna Melt
Italian Tuna Melt

and he admitted my Pork Meatball Banh Mi with pickled vegetables, Sriracha mayo, cilantro, and cucumber was “mighty tasty.” Mighty tasty! That sandwich was so damn good, I ate the entire thing.

Pork Meatball Banh Mi sandwich
Pork Meatball Banh Mi sandwich

Ok. I’d like to give the illusion, I’m a dainty lass who never finishes anything… but yeah, I pretty much house it when something is really good. That sandwich was gone just as fast as my Heater Allen Isarweizen.

My only regret, not getting to house a plate of those Dirty Fries I kept seeing floating by. Next time. Oh, there will be a next time! And I will truly “Pig Out.” AGAIN!

I’m a fast fan of Lardo’s Chef Rick Gencarelli now. After all, he made the cross-country trip after CIA in NYC to end up in Portland. Sound familiar? Foodie Fate!

Oh and here’s one more for the other Lardo lovers out there. The ultimate answer to the question what is Lardo?

Lardo: Fat of choice for Italians since Roman times and guaranteed way to get anyone to eat their veggies… yes I did! Here’s my Eggplant enhancing Lardo Recipe. Don’t hate me. I fell in Love with Lardo in Italy, it’s really not my fault.

Lardo in Italy, Old School Style
Lardo in Italy, Old School Style

What Is Lardo & Lardo Recipes

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How I First Discover Lardo

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