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For our parents, the Baby Boomers, things were a little different. Their path to success was more clear. Go to school, marry, buy house, have kids, work, retire to happily ever after.

For Generation X, that path has eroded. Unfortunately, many of us were right in the middle of the road, when it disappeared from under our feet.

The economy changed, the job market shifted and Millennials made Generation X the forgotten middle child. While our parents had no desire and frankly no need to be minimalists. Generation X has both.

Unfortunately for many of us, we’re figuring this out after 40 years of living like our parents. It’s also hard to talk to our parents about it, it’s not their fault, we know that, but it’s hard to explain to anyone outside our generation.

We look at Millennials as lucky. They came about in an age where everything was already digital. Iphones, ebooks, music, photos. They probably never had a first job that involved a file cabinet much less a typewriter!

Unfortunately, Generation X has a lot of work to do to be as successful as our parents. It’s a phenomenon my friends and I have felt and discussed, yet I’m not seeing it voiced very often. Thus, the launch of Art of Living On the Road (ALOR).

Our philosophy:

Experience Brings Greater Happiness Than Possessions

Bello and I know Location Independence is not for everyone. But we do believe other Gen Xers can empathize. Instead of slaving away chasing our parents success, it’s our time to redefine success.

By sharing our story, we hope to inspire other Gen Xers. We are not stuck!” [Inspire Fellow Gen Xers, Click to Tweet]

Not everyone dreams to travel as much as we do. Yet we are living proof, examples of Gen Xers who changed our lives. We know what it takes to get rid of clutter in your life because we’ve done it. I know what it takes to climb out of debt because I’ve done it. We know the freedom that comes from finding time in your life to focus on what’s important.

After years of planning and making adjustments, we sold or donated all of our stuff, gave up a lease and hit the road. Together with our new found freedom we have traveled through Europe for 90 days and just finished a Cross-Country Road Trip. We’re now in Portland for two months, planning our next moves.

So, to my fellow Gen Xers, I know the heartache of feeling stuck. I also know, it’s just a feeling, not a state and it’s entirely possible to get out.

I’ll continue to share our travel and Paolo’s Art that comes from it but I’ll also be adding to our Travel Tips with new found insight from our first year on the road.

So stick with us, the journey is just getting started!

Happy When Traveling
Happy When Traveling


      1. We realized that we had a busy and cluttered life. We were spending a lot of money and time on things and activities which didn’t bring us happiness or make our lives better. It seemed like we were floating. Finally, we decided to simplify our lives, get rid of all the clutter in the house, spend money on only things brought happiness, learn to say no and break from the herd. Trying to increase our saving rate in order to reach financial independence as soon as possible in order to be location independent and travel. This means we need to part ways with more of our stuff and we are working on it. It is a process. 🙂


        1. Congratulations on an amazing start! Our process took 2 years once we identified our goals. Getting rid of stuff was a big part of those two years. In the end, after selling, purging we did one very big donation to Salvation Army. Fall is a good time, they start getting around the holidays. You can even schedule a pickup online and get a tax deductible charitable donation inventory that way.

          Feel free to email anytime at so we can stay in touch and help you celebrate your journey along the way.


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