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A Minimalist Compliment

Post Update: I’m sad to say the Elementarist is no longer. I’ll be working up a new post about minimalism soon!

The best compliments in life come from someone you respect. Ringing true by validating a part of you or your work, you take pride in. One you may not realize, others see. Let alone appreciate.

When the Elementarist first Retweeted an ALOR post, I was extremely flattered. Then the Elementarist team dug into our archive taking the time to read my getting rid of clutter article, pull valuable points and again, Retweeted it. A huge compliment in my book.

I stand behind those tips. They were the personal mistakes and corrections I made in slimming down my lifestyle. To have a Magazine on Minimalistic lifestyle validate them, was an enormous compliment.

In the following days, The Elementarist team and I have been talking about minimalism, travel, time and of course Beer. They are in Germany and Bello and I in Portland, instant connection point!

I’m excited about what’s to come with The Elementarist through our conversations and promise to share more soon. For now, I’ll just say this.

Through our conversations with Elementarist, I have gained a more succinct dialog around an aspect of the life Bello and I are building. Bello and I are a location independent couple living a minimalistic lifestyle in order to gain freedom of time. Time to work for ourselves on the projects we hold close to our hearts.

When you come across like minded people talking with knowledge about like minded topics like minimalism, you feel the need to share.

If this sounds like your mindset right now:

If you sometimes ask yourself if there are other ways to live. If you sometimes feel overwhelmed by complexity. If you start asking yourself why. Or if you just need a step back. You are probably at the right place.

Then check out Elementarist because these are the exact words they use to describe what you’ll find in their magazine.

Plus: Our story is now live! Freedom of Time takes a look at our path to being Location Independent Nomads. Minimalism played a big role.


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