Memories of Myanmar

I have a theory. There is a big difference between a trip and a vacation. You need both in life but only one changes you. This is the story of my first trip to Myanmar. A trip that influenced me deeply. Showing me happiness in people who lived with less. A shining example of how travel can be a catalyst for life change. A ticket to minimalism and a more stress free lifestyle.


When my Husband and I traveled through Myanmar (Burma) with his parents, we noticed cameras were not just focusing on the Buddhas, they were turning on us too. Burmese life expectancy is nearly 20 years shorter than Italian, so few men ever achieve the snow white hair of my Father-in-law. My Husband has a thick beard, something Burmese men can not grow. I’m a tall red-head which is odd enough in America, let alone Burma. My Mother in Law is a beautiful, regal blonde. Combined we were an odd group to the Burmese and tourist from China and Southeast Asia.

Strangers in Myanmar (Burma) Strange in Myanmar (Burma)

Although being asked to pose for photos, gave us a few laughs, the realization that lack of adequate health-care, education and the regular consumption of only one meal a day were the contributing factors to shorter life expectancy, came with a heavy heart.

Yet still, the smiles persist. With an abundance of pride, kindness…

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