Travel Trivia: Name America’s First National Forest

Hint? Go west, young man, go west. No? Neighboring park is an old faithful, friend… what you’ve never heard of  Shoshone National Forest?! You have, haven’t you. Dagnabbit it’s just me that didn’t know! Again!

When we hit the road, I foolishly believed we had gathered all the best American road trip ideas. Now, after driving 10 days, I know better. There is so much beauty to see in America, one cross country trip is simply not enough.

It’s hard to encapsulate everything I’ve learned, along the way. I’m doing my best, trying to get it all down in blog posts. A way to later share with family and friends planning their own American road trip route.

In Iowa, I’d forgotten the power summer storms display as they roll across the land.

Blues & Green Stormy Skies
Blues & Green Stormy Skies

South Dakota, I got schooled in cool geology at the Badlands under blistering sun.

Rising Moon in the Badlands
Rising Moon in the Badlands

Then drove up into fall weather and waved at the 1,300 free roaming buffalo in  Custer State Park.

Buffalo of Custer State Park
Buffalo of Custer State Park

We crossed three seasons in three days thanks to huge elevation shifts.

Bighorn National Forest
Bighorn National Forest

We drove into Orange Cloud territory in Wyoming. Something else, I knew nothing about.

Bozeman Trail Wyoming
Bozeman Trail Wyoming

All of that and I still haven’t written about Yellowstone, Gran Tetons or the wonder that Idaho is, Craters of the Moon!

Travel can be many things. Exhausting, exhilarating, relaxing and educational. For me, it’s also humbling. I have a lifetime of learning yet to do, about my own country, American the Beautiful.

If you’re looking for american road trip ideas, make your trip as long as you can afford. Consider state parks like Custer State Park and give Shoshone National Forest a second look. It’s free to visit and dadgummit I really wish, I had known about it before we drove through. I’d have stayed at least one more day.

Hindsight of a traveler.

Shoshone National Forest
Driving Into Shoshone National Forest

If you find any incorrect facts, please call me on it by commenting below. Cheers fellow travelers.

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