Let Travel Change You

In the western world, we call each other hypocritical. We post a story on Facebook of earthquakes in Italy, but not Myanmar. Shock shutters through us when we hear of bombings a world away in Paris, but not Baghdad. Why?

I humbly submit, it’s not hypocritical, it’s cognitive bias.

This post explains why, I believe, our subjective social reality influences our social media posts. Should we give ourselves a break because we have an excuse? No. What we should do, is travel.

One woman’s opinion, what’s yours?


All through last and this year, I honestly and sadly, for the first time was aware of news reports of slave labor in the Myanmar (formerly Burma.) Also sadly, this is nowhere near a new problem in Burma. It’s been in the news for years, decades even. I just missed it, glossed over the headlines. Now I can’t. After having traveled to Burma and Cambodia, when I see headlines like Myanmar Fisherman Goes Home After 22 Years a Slave, it strikes at my heart, it now feels personal and I notice it. I’m affected and I’m glad I am, I’m more awake to life.

Here’s what I now know from personal experience. Human experience.

When you have never been to a country in person, where a Burmese Woman in the local market smiles grandly and with great warmth as she brushes Thanaka on your white face protecting it…

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