Artists Paintpots in Yellowstone

A beginner, I was stretching the limits of my photography ability in Yellowstone National Park. I realized in post, many shots, did not represent what I had seen with my own two eyes. In life, there is no better teacher, than a painful lesson.

I so badly wanted to capture all the beauty and colors of Geyser and Spring activity. New to the camera in my hands, a Canon 5D Mark II, many attempts failed. I lifted, clicked, walked on, only to later say “CRAP!”

Painful lesson number one: Always check your settings.

Yellowstone Photography Tips

Thankfully, I managed a few I was proud of while walking Artists Paintpots. A shorter walk and less crowded stop, yet no less worthy. A meandering trek to the Geyser area, is a reward in an of itself. Panoramic views through open fields to elevated green forest, all around.

Approaching Artists Paintpots
Approaching Artists Paintpots

Puffs of steam and gurgles below, signal you’ve arrived.

Artist Paintpots Steamy Side
Artist Paintpots Steamy Side

Steam sweeps over the moss, drenching a thick ground cover.

Moss Covered Slopes
Moss Covered Slopes

And that’s it.


Painful right. The colors were the best part of Artists Paintpots and I blew it. I’d adjusted my settings to capture the moss and forgot to move them back.Ouch!

Consolation prize, the walk down gave way to epic, almost iconic, Yellowstone views.

Overlook on the Downward Slope
Overlook on the Downward Slope

Next time, I’m nailing those colors. For now, I’ll have to be satisfied with the color I captured at the Upper Geyser Basin. Where I checked my settings along the way.

What are your thoughts?

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