Beauty Of Water

I’m drawn to the water. One could argue we all are. Only 20 percent of us, have to drive over an hour to get to an ocean, lake or river. We need water to survive, our brains are 80 percent water, we feel weightless, in water.

Growing up in Iowa and Ohio, the ocean was a place I knew in concept only. Yet that didn’t diminish my attraction to it, rather increased it. Nothing relaxes me faster than the sights and sounds of water. It’s an automatic signal to my brain, we’re on vacation!

Yellowstone Photography

Lewis Lake
Lewis Lake

During our cross country road trip my Husband, a professional photographer, agreed to help teach me the art of photography.

Yellowstone Photography Tips

Lesson three came in the form of water. Of which there is plenty in Yellowstone National Park! There were many, many attempts to capture what I saw with my eyes. Turns out, sunset photography and water photography together, are a tricky art.

Even in the digital age, the screen on my Canon 5D Mark II could not truly show me, if I had captured anything worth sharing. Perhaps unintentionally, this became my third lesson of photography. Just keep trying. Get comfortable with an iterative process. Trial and error. Learn and adjust.

I’m not skilled enough yet to understand sunset photography. How the light plays, the limits of a camera.

Mary Bay of Yellowstone Lake
Mary Bay of Yellowstone Lake

The darks were too dark, my contrast to strong. Yet still, even in the hands of an amateur photographer, water has the ability to share it’s beauty. It’s as if it says, of all the things in nature, you are drawn to me, because you are me.

Sedge Bay
Sedge Bay

Looking back at my photos, a very strong sensory memory rises to the surface. The photo below was taken while standing at Mary Bay, Yellowstone Lake’s Northern shore at sunset. It reflects one of my favorite things to see in Yellowstone. Water, the lakes at sunset and the rivers.

Mary Bay Horizon
Mary Bay Horizon

With water, I’ve decided to focus first at mastering the reflective qualities of water. Sunset, that will come later!

Lesson 1: check my settings. Lesson 2: Know the why to your photo. Lesson three, keep trying.

Lewis River
Lewis River

Perhaps in time, I can catch up with my Husband, who manages to take the very same camera, the very same night and capture this.

Yellowstone River
Yellowstone River by Paolo Ferraris Colors


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