Top 10 Most Visited National Parks

Well it appears we have a lot of work to do. Despite all my recent posting, I have only seen five of the top ten most visited national parks! To be honest, I am not sure if that makes me excited or exhausted. You?

  1. Great Smoky Mountains (Yep, as a kid!)
  2. Grand Canyon (No)
  3. Rocky Mountains (No)
  4. Yosemite (Sadly not)
  5. Yellowstone (Now were talking YES!)
  6. Zion (Back to no)
  7. Olypmic National Park (Yes!)
  8. Grand Tetons (Now I’m rolling, yes!)
  9. Acadia (Work trip, totally counts, yes!)
  10. Glacier National Park (Not so much.)

Top Ten National Parks List source: National Geographic

On one hand, because our cross country road trip included many national parks we were re-invigorated to seek out them out. So much so, that we sprung for the National Park’s America the Beautiful Annual Pass. A grand total of $80 which we recouped between Badlands, Yellowstone and Grand Tetons.

Okay, bone to pick how is Badlands not on the top 10 visited National Park list? Right don’t judge until I see them all.

Water Color Lands, Badlands
Water Color Lands, Badlands

Gran Tetons Photography

Plus you’re totally right, think of the grandeur of those Tetons. So grand. So, so grand. Yes I realize what Tetons means and no I haven’t stopped giggling either.

Grand Tetons National Park
Grand Tetons National Park

Just in case you don’t know, here’s what the meaning of Grand Tetons is. What I’m not typing that, my Mom reads this blog.

Grand Tetons National Park
Grand Tetons National Park

Now, looping back to the questions of excited vs exhausted. On the other hand, that America the Beautiful National Park Pass, gives us access to over 2,000 recreational sites. 2,000! It took us a week to hit four! I’m exhausted from the drive already.

Good thing I like a challenge. Will we make it to 2,000 places? Nope. Will we do our best to hit as many national parks, wildlife refuges and recreational sites as we can, now that we have the pass, you betcha!

To know there is so much more to see, means I have years of travel to look forward to, right here in America. Besides, Zion, it’s a real place! Not just a made up place from the Matrix. Oh we are so going to go to there. Tina Fey quote, no? Anyone, anyone… Bueller.

Travel on Dude.

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What are your thoughts?

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