Portland Hoppy Hour Is Serious Business

Best Happy Hours in Portland, Oregon

It’s settled, I love Portland. It’s weird, it rains but have you tried the IPAs? Never, in any city I’ve lived or visited, has a community so fully embraced  love of Craft Beer, as Portland.

If you’re from Portland, you might want to stop reading here. This is Craft Beer 101. Which, yes people still need outside of PDX. Much of America still lags behind your public brewucation system.

For the rest of us, if you do want to get your Hopucation, get to Portland stat! Hoppy Hour is so far, my favorite part of this weird wonderful P-Town. Pretty consistently across Rose City from 3-6 and get this 9-close you can find Hoppy Hour! Which guessed it, is Happy Hour in a city that loves its Hoppy IPA Beers.

Seriously coming from Manhattan, any place that offers Happy Hour from 9-close would lose their arse in the bargain.

Beers are cheaper during Hoppy Hour!

Drink up too, it’s budget friendly here. Hoppy Hour is like a gift to Beer lovers from their favorite watering hole. A pint, $4 – $5. Snacks or small plates around $6 – $8. A couple can hit the town for around $20 and have a darn tasty time doing it.

Yeah, again in Manhattan, that’s one cocktail. Sigh, I love you NYC but Portland is gaining steam for a reason. Bridge City is bridging the coastal cool gap quick.

It was a very proud day when Bello and I finally bought our first Growler together. We’re feeling like a real Portland couple now!

Growler from Laurelwood
Growler from Laurelwood

What Makes Beer Hoppy

Get this, there’s an entire lingo to Craft Beer that allows you to triangulate your way to the Craft Brew that’s perfect for you. Nearly every spot grids out IBU, OG and ABW/ABV. It’s a taste in translation even I can understand.

Here’s a great Beer Glossary in case you’re a Brewbie like me!

  • IBU: International Bitterness Units
  • ABW: Alcohol By Weight
  • OG: Original Gravity
  • Growler: Beer to go! Typically a 64 oz glass jug with a handle.

If you’re local and read this far, thank you. Feel free to tell this out of towner idiot where to get series about Craft Beer. I’ve been called worse by some pretty, uhm… aggressively knowledgeable Craft Beer tweeters, I can take it!

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What are your thoughts?

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