Finding Santa Barbara’s Best Wineries

While Napa and Sonoma draw the crowds, Santa Ynez valley draws wine lovers. Forty minutes outside of Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez boasts a bevy of microclimates supporting one of the most diverse varietal regions in the country.

How to find the best wineries in Santa Barbara County.

Sure you can get a list of the best wineries in Santa Barbara. Cross reference that with a Santa Barbara winery map. Then check each winery tour hours and prices. Or, you could simply book a tour.

How To Find a Good Wine Tour Company in Santa Barbara?

Look for a tour company that posts their reviews and has been in the industry over a decade.

Truly that’s it, that’s my big secret to finding and enjoying the best wineries in Santa Barbara Wine Country. Find the experts and let them show you the way.

In Santa Barbara, hands down Stagecoach Co. Wine Tours gets my vote, every time. A family business that has been hosting wine lovers tours in Santa Barbara Wine Country for 15 years. Eric and his devoted team of experts at Stagecoach take care of all the details for you.

As the longest running tour company in Santa Ynez, Stagecoach Wine Tours has taken the time and energy to become the experts in the area. They have invested in building respected relationships with vineyard teams and vintners and for you their guest, it shows.

Stagecoach Co. Wine Tours

Santa Ynez & Santa Barbara Wine Tours | 805-686-8347

Private Tasting at Happy Canyon Vineyard
Private Tasting at Happy Canyon Vineyard
Hilliard Bruce Winery Tour
Hilliard Bruce Winery Tour
Between the Vines with Roger at Harrison Clarke Vineyard
Between the Vines with Roger at Harrison Clarke Vineyard

Originally written for CookingforBello after our first visit to Santa Barbara. This update is driven by a return visit and equally exceptional second experience with Stagecoach Co. Wine Tours.


While in California, Wine Lovers owe it to themselves to make it to Santa Ynez in Santa Barbara County. Napa and Sonoma are as beautiful and enchanting as ever. However, after watching a man pass out drunk by 11am in the Oxbow Market with his rowdy companion, I could understand why they are getting a reputation as the Disney Land of Wine Countries.

Marketing, crowds and lines stand between you and the wines in Napa on a weekend trip. While in contrast our tour with Stagecoach Co. Wine Tours provided a much more relaxed experience, far more intimate with the vines, wines, vineyards and vintners of Santa Ynez Valley.

Scientifically speaking, Santa Barbara Wine Country is fascinating. With a coastline that runs east-west and a coastal Santa Ynez Mountain range, breezes sweep eastward kissing the hills and mountains that surround the region. The result is a patchwork of micro-climates and terrains that lay…

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