Where to Get Lost For Three Days in Venice

When it comes to getting lost in Venice, being with an Italian is definitely the way to go. This is the story of a three day trip to Venice that highlights the best food and wine the Floating City has to offer. Plus the surprising discovery that eating well in Venice, doesn’t mean spending a fortune.


Venice Sky and White Wine Venice Sky Floating in White Wine

I count myself extremely fortunate to have found a partner who shares my passion for travel, food and wine. Day after day, my Husband and I tailor our lives to ensure all of our extra time, energy and money can be funneled towards traveling the world together. This year, one of our many trips was to Venice, the incredible sinking city.

Sinking Streets of Venice Sinking Streets of Venice

Sadly, it’s a fact made clear on a few days of our journey when encroaching tides and sunken streets rendered our map useless. I can only say, if you have dreamed of seeing Venice, go. While Venice is not likely to sink in our lifetime why wait for the modern day Italian version of Atlantis. I believe you should seize life everyday, grab hold with one hand and with the other grab a glass of wine to toast your wisdom in not counting on tomorrow.


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