Feed Me Cheese More

There are cheese plates and there are charcuterie plates. Then there are cheese and charcuterie plates that send people like us, into rapture. This is the story of just such a place.

Best Restaurant in Oviedo, Spain

There’s a place for people like us. Gluttonous meat and cheese lovers   and it’s called Tierra Astur in Oviedo, Spain. In historic Oviedo on Gascon Street, sits a restaurant so lively, it’s common for dancing to break out.

A more formal room sits up the stairs for those who want to avoid the buzz. While locals and lucky tourists jockey for tables on the ground floor. Lining the back wall, a bar, three to four deep. To the right, an artisanal cheese counter whispering promise of what’s ahead.

Cheese Counter Tierra Astur
Cheese Counter Tierra Astur

Cider Long Pour Tradition in Oviedo, Spain

Oviedo Spain has a tradition that beckons destination drinkers. The long pour of Spanish Cider. Sour, dry and a bit cloudy, it perks up the pallet to handle the richest of meals.

Waiters at Tierra Astur have each perfected the art of the long pour. Holding bottles of Sidra Trabanco as far apart vertically as their wingspan allows, gravity sends cider sailing in an arch to a glass held at 45% below. Muscle memory and peripheral vision is the difference between making a splash with the crowd and a big ole mess.

Video: Cider Long Pour In Oviedo, Spain

During our visit, splashes rained down but little was spilled. Two finger pours ensure the carbonation lasts through each drink. With an ABV around 6%, Sidra goes down quick. A little too quick.

Bottles are stacked table-side by the floor as a tally. Next thing you know, cheeks are red, laughter is loud and the band marching in is a welcome sight.

Suckers for cheese and Iberico ham, we ordered the a smallest selection plate. Our waiter, raised his eyes and made the universal sign for, that’s it right? We took his sage advise. Then almost immediately regretted it.

Tierra Astur is famous for grilled meats. As plates cross the room a thick smoke billows behind. We found ourselves inhaling steak and looking at each other with a groan of regret.

All order remorse was quickly whisked away, when this arrived. All was right in the world.

Feed Me Cheese More!
Feed Me Cheese More!

There were two of us.

We rolled up our sleeves, loosened our pants and got to work. Two cheeses in particular, captivated our every bite.

La Peral
La Peral

A semi-soft blue from northern Spain, La Peral announces itself with stinky cheese promise. Cow’s milk dashed with sheep’s milk, La Peral delivers an earthy balance of mushroom and butter, sweetness and a bite. Yeah, it’s that good.

Then my favorite, what pimento cheese hopes to be when it grows up, Afuega’ L Pitu. Pitu refers to the palate sticking addition of smoked paprika, giving it’s a red hue and packing some addictive heat. Ours was a young cheese, still. Cow’s milks has no right to ever taste this good.


Our enjoyment felt endless. Needless to say, because we couldn’t finish. We gave it our best but cried Uncle when our hearts cried “Mom, make the bad lady stop!”

Mercifully, there was plenty of Sidra to wash it all down. Tierra Astur stirred our appetites to move to Spain. Aside from the ridiculous quantity, as typical of Spain, the quality of food at Tierra Astur is frankly astoundingly good. Especially considering the bill came in at under 40€ and that was many, many bottles later.

Spain, a culinary capital of the world is a master of all things foods both big and small. From gigantic platers like what you find at Tierra Astur to small tapas or pintxos in the Basque region. If you only have one night in Oviedo, bellying up to Tierra Astur, assures you the former. It is hands down one of the best restaurants in Oviedo, Spain.

We’re going back and next time, we’re not just inhaling a steak.


Piccola & Bello

Crowds at Tierra Astur
Crowds at Tierra Astur

Tierra Astur | Calle Gascona, 9, 33001 Oviedo, Asturias, Spain

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