Finding Purpose

Reflections on Turning 41

Today, I turn 41 years old. This is not what I though 41 would look like. I have no traditional markers of success. No kids, no home, no dog, no yard. As a nomad, my only address ends with .com.

I do have retirement funds. I don’t have debt. I have crows feet from smiling and laughter. I don’t have the dreaded elevens between my eyes from frowning.

My body, is not what I wanted. Still it’s not what I feared 41 would be. My body, is just that, mine.

I don’t have regret. I have been brave, I’ve tried. Mistakes, big fat embarrassing ones, have been made. It’s true, they have made me stronger and wiser.

I had hoped I would wake to the first female President. I know I will continue to fight sexism. The power and strength lies in me to do it, so I will fight.

I’ve lived long enough to know my own character. To know my own strength, my limits and accept both.

Right now, I can still touch my toes and reach for my dreams. Celebrating 41 feels good, hopefully, happy and strong.

My 41st Birthday Wish

Today I wish, to be just this happy each day forward. For life to continue in balance. Challenging, rewarding and blessed by true love.

Today I wish, For the strength to reshape anger into action with purpose and value beyond my life.

Today I wish, for a moment to walk in reflection and feel the full force of my gratitude.

I have freedom, the love of a good man and the ability to be present in my own life. I have the strength to endure. Family who overlook my flaws to love me.

Will my future be prosperous? Will I be able to afford medical care when I need it later in life? Will I have to work until 80? Honestly, I don’t know.

Will I look back and wish for something different? No.

Celebrating 41 Years of Age

Bello and I are headed to the shore today, to overlook the sea. Travel, our greatest gift to each other. As a way to mark the happiest moments of life, I’ve created a simple list of all the places Bello and I have traveled together. It has been a great practice in gratitude and a reminder of the work I have left to do.

Ti Amo Amore Mio

Piccola & Bello Oregon Coast
Piccola & Bello Oregon Coast


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