Holy Hushpuppies, Now That’s a Happy Hour

Poppable and addictive, I love Hushpuppies. In an illogical, if they are anywhere near me, I must have them, kinda way. Hushpuppies are the perfect combination of salty and sweet. Add a peppery bite like Chef Paul Prudhomme would and hushpuppies get elevated to crave-worthy.

Reverend’s BBQ hushpuppies deliver all that, and a little Tasso ham in one bite. Add a craft beer on tap to the mix and what you have, is the perfect start, to a great Happy Hour.

Exploring the Best of Sellwood, Portland

What’s shocking about Reverend’s BBQ Happy Hour is the food on offer, isn’t just snacks. It’s stick to your ribs, make a meal out of it kinda food.

A few ribs with a craft beer? Why not.

St. Louis Cut Smoked Pork Ribs ($2 Each) at Reverends's BBQ
St. Louis Cut Smoked Pork Ribs ($2 Each) at Reverends’s BBQ

Watch the Timbers game, have another beer, absolutely! Better get a Carolina Clamshell to go with it.

Carolina Clamshell with Carolina Chopped Pork on White Bread with Slaw, Carolina Gold Sauce and Pickles ($3 each)
Carolina Clamshell with Carolina Chopped Pork on White Bread with Slaw, Carolina Gold Sauce and Pickles ($3 each)

The Happy Hour menu even includes a fried chicken sandwich as part of their “Sammich N’s Sesh” option. Sammich N’ Sesh you ask? A full sandwich and pint for $11. Yeah, this former New Yorker just fell off her bar stool too.

I mentioned the Hushpuppies right? $4.50 for 5 and yes they are calling my name right now.

Hushpuppies at Reverend's BBQ ($4.50 for 5)
Hushpuppies at Reverend’s BBQ ($4.50 for 5)

Reverend’s BBQ is a Neighborhood Gem

As part of the Laurelhurst Market, Simpatica, Ate-O-Ate family, expectations were high for Reverend’s BBQ. On opening, they took a ribbing from the press. Criticized for not being “authentic BBQ” and brisket that didn’t make the cut.

Bringing up early press reviews with Reverend’s BBQ team is painful. Even now, three years later it’s clear as the pain on their face, these guys care. For them it was personal.

Here’s the thing. The Reverend’s BBQ team stuck with it, making improvements. Changing suppliers, cuts, and technique. In return, the local community of Sellwood stuck by them.

Now when Kitchen Manager Matt Currey slices and chops up the pork shoulder, the results look like this.

Pork, Juicy Pork
Pork, Juicy Pork

Yeah, you want that. Oh and the Brisket…

Brisket Juicy Brisket
Brisket Juicy Brisket

You want that too. So now, Matt’s face looks like this.

Kitchen Manager Matt's Proud Grin
Kitchen Manager Matt Currey

Because he’s proud to make you this.

Reverend's BBQ Hit's
Reverend’s BBQ Hit’s

Speaking of pride. One thing that should never be underestimated neighborhood pride.

Reverend’s BBQ Gives Back to It’s Sellwood Neighborhood

General Manager Nick Mancy, also with Reverend’s BBQ since day one, spoke with pride about his Sellwood neighbors. “I love the locals, they come in happy and are very friendly and welcoming.”

Reverend’s BBQ supports local teams, does Dine Outs giving 50% of proceeds to local PTA’s and supplies prizes for local auctions. The antique beer collection in the hall was even bought from a local who stopped by one day.

Beer Cans and Local Little League Teams
Beer Cans and Local Little League Teams

Sellwood has a legacy as Portland’s Antique Neighborhood and Reverend’s BBQ decor pays its respects. Right down to namesake Reverend John Sellwood with his honorary spot on the wall.

Reverend John Sellwood
Reverend John Sellwood

And the giant Fried Chicken and Kenny Rogers painting. Respect.

Fried Chicken & Kenny Rogers
Fried Chicken & Kenny Rogers

So let’s talk about Reverend’s BBQ fried chicken.

What Makes Reverend’s BBQ Fried Chicken So Good

Famous Fried Chicken From Laurelhurst Market
Famous Fried Chicken From Laurelhurst Market

Deep fried crispy with a touch of curry powder, it’s a juicy, heady, down-home classic. Reverend’s BBQ fried chicken is the original recipe from sister restaurant Simpatica. Food & Wine ranked it among the 18 Best Fried Chicken in America. Laurelwood market also featured it once a week but Reverend’s BBQ is the only place you can get it, every day.

The real secret? Matt Currey and team marinate the chicken overnight in buttermilk and salt. A simple concoction that guarantees juicy chicken. Rich, fatty and acidic nothing tenderize chicken better than buttermilk.

There is a reason Reverend’s BBQ is still going strong, three years after an initial burst of bad press. Hard work from a team who didn’t give up. Paying respect and becoming a part of the Sellwood neighborhood and damn good friend chicken.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I still need to get my hands on a Smoked Pork Shoulder with Chopped Slaw Sammich.

Did Someone Say Sandwich?
Did Someone Say Sandwich?

This week, ALOR will be rolling out a series of articles featuring The Best of Portland, Sellwood.  Our focus, local Portland businesses, owners and their team. Tomorrow, we’re headed to Ancestry Brewery! Cheers

Special thanks to Jason Owens for allowing ALOR to interview and photograph the Reverend's BBQ team for our Best of Portland, Sellwood series.

Thanks to Nick and Matt for giving us so much of their time and being a big part of what makes Sellwood one of the great neighborhoods of Portland.


  1. Love Reverends, when I visit my son from London, England we always go to Reverends, just amazing food. Lets have one over here. ✈✈✈✈🍴🍴🍴🍷🍷🍷 ❤

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