Here’s to Sellwood, Portland Cheers!

Sellwood is one of those neighborhoods, I didn’t realize existed in America. Affordable enough to live in and own a car, yet still walkable and damn interesting. It’s got character, comfort, function and freakin’ awesome craft beer.

Best of Sellwood, Portland

There is not just good, but great happy hours like Laurelwood where we bought our first growler.

Hoppy Hour at Laurelwood Brewing Co.
Hoppy Hour at Laurelwood Brewing Co.

Reverend’s BBQ where we realized food at Portland Happy Hours is way beyond anything we’ve found before.

Reverend's BBQ Hit's
Reverend’s BBQ Hit’s

Sellwood has not just good, but epic craft beer in Ancestry Brewing. Thanks to Ancestry Brewing Founder Jeremy Turner and team, it’s also where we realize the entrepreneurial spirit is strong in Portland. Cheers guys!

Head Brewer Trevor, Founder Jeremy, Cellar Manager Mel and Barrel Mastermind Neal
Head Brewer Trevor, Founder Jeremy, Cellar Manager Mel and Barrel Mastermind Neal

In Sellwood folks are not just nice, but genuinely kind. Like Bret from Old Portland Hardware & Architectural. We were new in town and doors were opened, smiles were shared and help offered. We had real conversations that were thought-provoking and new. 

Owner Bret Hodgert in Old Portland's Workshop
Owner Bret Hodgert in Old Portland’s Workshop

We stumbled on surprises like share it square and feisty front yard spiders by the dozens. We tripped in the dark, going on walks at night but realized, that’s just Portland. Different, but in a good way. Best part, plenty of rainbows follow the rain.

Share-It Square
Share-It Square

When we landed in Sellwood, Portland it was a just for two months. We hoped we would find a place, that would make us want to become part of a community.

What We Love Most About Portland

We did. We officially decided we’re moving to the Pacific Northwest. There were two big reasons. One, nature. The ability to get in a day by the ocean is a life changer. Hello big Goonies here!

Haystack Rock
Haystack Rock

Most of all, we loved the rampant entrepreneurial spirit in Portland. It’s the reason we’ve decided to launch our business here next year. More to come on that later.

What I will say, is it’s been an epic year already. Bello and I sold everything we owned, became nomads and traveled Europe for three months. We redefined success for ourselves. Drove across Italy, Spain, Portugal and America to get to Portland. We crashed with family, visited friends, cried over an election and most importantly, both filed for dual citizenship.

Oh yeah, and I wrote a lot. Every, single, day, this year. Enough links for ya!

Thank you Sellwood. You’ve been good to us and in return, we hope our spotlight on local businesses has been good to you.

We’re not done yet either! Over the next few weeks, ALOR will continue to spotlight local business in our continuing Best of Portland series.

For now, we bid you adieu.

If you’re reading this between Nov. 18 and the 22nd, we are driving to Ohio for Thanksgiving. After that, look out Italy, we’re headed your way for Christmas.

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