What’s a Spiritual Menu?

After two decades of business travel, a pillow menu, is something I understand right away. Having the right pillow, makes the difference between a good nights sleep and tossing and turning till dawn.

Pillows Make All the Difference
Pillows Make All the Difference

Pillow menus are right up my alley. Totally get that. Now, a Spiritual Menu? That’s a new one by me.

What is a Spiritual Menu?

On seeing my first Spiritual Menu at hotel Lucia in downtown Portland, Oregon, I was instantly embarrassed. Granted I embarrass easily, but still.

Did my lack of awareness of what a Spiritual Menu might be, say more about my own bias, or hotels of my business traveler past?

PR Director Kate Buska, gave ALOR insight into Hotel Lucia’s Spiritual Menu and why it’s important.

“Our guests are diverse. They come from all kinds of backgrounds. Since our goal is to make them feel at home, we take out the Bible and put a Spiritual Menu in the room. We’ll deliver your book of faith, if you want it. “

It was right about here that my husband and partner at ALOR Paolo, crack the first joke. “Braise the Lard” he proclaimed fist raised!

His timing was impeccable. Just the day before at Reverend’s BBQ we had laughed when seeing this exact phrase on the back of a t-shirt.

We cracked up, breaking the tension of my embarrassment. Apparently jokes, are not unusual from guests seeing a Spiritual Menu.

“Honestly, many of the requests we get, are from people testing us. To see if we have them. Still, I think it does say something that people are appreciative when we bring it [their requested book of faith] up. ” — PR Director Kate Buska

So there you have it. The short, sweet and simple answer to the, what is a Spiritual Menu question.

It’s a simple, effective and important way for Hotel Lucia to recognize their guests. To not assume but to ask, what makes you comfortable?

Why Spiritual Menus Are Important

The simple fact that I was embarrassed at not knowing what a Spiritual Menu might be, is the exact reason I’m writing this post. Perhaps other travelers embarrassed by not knowing, or even realizing there was a need for one, might find the knowledge useful.

Until things taken for granted are questioned, our bias is our blind spot. That’s why the Spiritual Menu at Hotel Lucia is important, at least to me. It helps challenge traditional notions of travel, a concept we at ALOR appreciate.

Where to Stay in Portland Oregon

The open-minded spirit is one of the main draws for ALOR Consulting to be based in Portland, Oregon. It’s also one of the reasons we’ll be recommending Hotel Lucia to our friends and family who come for a visit. Not all of them read the Bible and their comfort is important to us.

When family and friends go to switch off that light by the hotel bedside, a religious reminder shouldn’t be the last thing they see. Unless of corse, it’s what they have requested from a Spiritual Menu.

Welcome to Portland Menu
Welcome to Portland Menu

Tomorrow ALOR shares a close up on the world’s largest collection of black and white photography from David Hume Kennerly. Yep, you guessed it, right here at Hotel Lucia.

For the Interior Design lovers out there, we’re sharing our favorite shots from ALOR’s tour of Hotel Lucia Thursday!

Tour of Hotel Lucia
Tour of Hotel Lucia

We’re featuring local Portland businesses, owners and their team in our Best of Portland  series all throughout December.

What are your thoughts?

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