Hotels We Love

Don’t you just hate it when… a friend asks “You’ve been to Venice, where should I stay?” and you blank. What was the name of that place? It’s been years! Think. Eyes closed you can see it, beautiful, spa-like! Wait for it, wait for it, it’s got to be in my memory somewhere. Nope, you draw a blank.

The amount of time I have spent searching Google maps desperately hoping to spark my memory is frankly embarrassing.

Enter the world of travel blogging, those problems are suddenly solved.

Writing About Hotels We Love

Searching ALOR has proved to be much more effective, than searching my memory. Now, when asked for advice on where to stay or eat around the world, I can simply send a link.

That’s the true genesis behind our Hotels We Love series.

Pillows Make All the Difference
Pillows Make All the Difference

Taking Recommendations Seriously

When people go online to Trivago, Expedia or it’s to find the best hotel deals. When asking for a recommendation, what they really want, is a memorable experience. That’s personal.

When family and friends ask us “what’s the best place to stay?” We feel honored. It’s a sign they trust our opinion. That’s why we take giving recommendations, seriously.

For us, it’s personal too. Our recommendations are based on our personal travel experiences. Contrary to jokes we hear at parties, we are not independently wealthy. Owning our own business, ALOR Consulting, means we pay for own travel.

Still, even though we are not professional, paid travelers, it’s our focus in life as a couple. Travel is our passion. It defines our lifestyle.

Nowadays, we admit, we’re pretty darn good at it!

Now, that doesn’t mean our recommendations are right for everyone. If you’re reading this and you don’t know Bello and I personally, you might be wondering, what makes a hotel experience great to us?

Beauty of Detail, Hotel Lucia Portland
Beauty of Detail, Hotel Lucia Portland

What Makes a Great Hotel Experience

A hotel we recommend is a place that surprised us. In a good way. The real life version of that “booking yeah” commercial.

There are three main reasons we make a recommendation. All Hotels We Love:

Enhance a Destination Experience

Be it through a perfect location in city center, to an epic view. A historic building, to a modern hotel. Hotels that make experiencing a destination easier through location or by bringing the destination in, are part of what makes for a memorable experience.

Best Hotel Deal to Save or Luxury Spot to Splurge

At times we are thrifty. When we find a deal at a nice hotel that exceeds our expectations, we are all too delighted to share. At times, we celebrate with travel and book a luxury hotel. We make sure to make it clear what we loved about each hotel we recommend.

Romantic Charm

For us, romantic is about a white bedding to snuggle in, fireplaces and charm over kitsch. We’re suckers for historic buildings with world-class renovations and locations with secluded views for sunset toasts.

Cannon Beach Hotel Bedroom
Cannon Beach Hotel Bedroom

From personal experience, we know, finding a great place to stay, can make or break a trip. A great hotel can make a city easy to explore, ensure relaxing comes naturally and even set the mood for romance.

Sharing recommendations of where to stay around the world, is not something we do every day. We only share places where we were surprised and delighted with our stay.

As we continue to travel, our Hotels We Love list will grow. We look forward to sharing it with our family and friends.

Questions on other places we’ve traveled not on our list yet? Feel free to ask us. Email We’re always happy to share our food, destination and savvy traveler tips. Even if I haven’t finished our blog post yet!

What are your thoughts?

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